$APPC/BTC spike incomming?

Hello fellow charters!

I have been browsing through Binance today and noticed that APPC has a setup i like.


On this daily chart you can see how the price made a total retrace, even bellow the 0.236 fibline, just a slightly higher low compared to the all time low it made in January.
Meanwhile's it made a few spikes through the 0.236 fib, which indicates to me that the price wants to break up higher.
My first potential target is 620 satoshi due to the 0.5 fibline and previous low being at the point.
The 2nd would be ~780 satoshi for the samer reason, alignement of previous low point and the 0.786 fibline.
My 3rd and final target for this move - 1100 satoshi, the reason being that on this level served as a bottom throughout 2018 and has seen multiple price bouncess of that level, which indicates to me it is possibly going to be a hard to pass resistance area .

This post is NOT financial advice or any kind of recomandation, nor am I lisenced to give one!
It is my personal opinion and view on the chart!

Enjoy the day and good luck in the markets!
Kind regards, OZ


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Hello, to be honest I have no Idea, might be cos some people probably autoupvote me (judging from how fast the votes come in after I post), but then again I tried creating a fresh account (@cryptochartart) which wasnt voted by any bots or any other voting clubs or w.e. people call those, but it got downvoted to 0 again and the reputation dorpped so low i couldn't even post pictures so i switched back to this one. any help is appriciated! Thank you!

Please. I will like to have your discord username my friend, so we can talk exclusively. Mine is mattsanthonyit#8123


It might have to do with your downvote activity. Check any auto-downvotes you might have setup.