We have INTERNET at The Web3 School in Venezuela

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Hello #Hive community and supporters

We are thrilled to bring you some exciting updates about our ongoing project. In our last post, we shared the progress we've made on renovating classrooms and setting up the #Web3 hub. We talked about our successes, challenges, and the remaining tasks.

Since then, we've achieved significant #milestones. The classroom renovations are now complete. We've installed the computers and the beamer in the Web3 hub, and they can already be used for Web3 classes.

Although we have fewer updates this time, they are very important. We are ensuring everything is finalized and all systems are fully operational.

As always, we extend our deepest gratitude for your constant #support. Your encouragement and contributions have been crucial to our success.


We finally got Internet!!!

When we started this project, we had no idea how challenging it would be to get a simple #internet connection for the school. At first, we faced price differences between our expectations and the actual costs. Then, we encountered companies that didn't respond to our messages on WhatsApp. Some internet providers even asked for an insane amount of money for a very slow #connection. This was a tough moment for us. We thought, "This might not work, and the project can't continue."


Thankfully, @nahupuku attended a #web3 conference and, by a stroke of luck, met the owner of a company called #Fibex, which is now our internet provider. He told the owner about our project and the difficulties we were facing. After that, things moved quickly, and within two weeks, we had a working internet connection.

➡️ Fibex Website: https://www.fibextelecom.net/
➡️ Fibex Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fibextelecomve

This experience taught us a lot about perseverance and the power of networking. Despite the initial setbacks, we were able to push through and find a #solution. It was a reminder that sometimes, help comes from the most unexpected places.


Hive Art Contest

We had high hopes for this #contest and were excited to see the creativity and participation of the students. However, to our disappointment, we didn't receive many entries. In fact, we only received four #drawings in total. Unfortunately, none of these drawings were related to Hive, which was the theme of the contest.

We are not entirely sure what went wrong, but we have a few theories. One possibility is that too few students saw the #posters advertising the contest. It’s also possible that the teachers didn’t encourage their students to take part. #Promotion and encouragement from teachers are crucial in motivating #students to participate in such events.

To make contests like this successful, it is essential for everyone involved in the #school, including the administration and the school board, to be on the same page. There needs to be a concerted effort from all sides to push the event through. This means not only putting up posters but also actively encouraging participation and showing enthusiasm for the #event.

The school board needs to recognize the importance of these contests and support them wholeheartedly. Without this level of commitment and coordination, it is difficult to achieve the desired level of #participation and #enthusiasm from the students. We need to learn from this experience and ensure better communication and support in the future to make such contests a success.

Here are the four drawings:

Even though these #artworks have nothing to do with Hive Blockchain or any Hive-related aspects, they are still beautiful pieces of art. These pieces demonstrate that there is a lot of #artistic talent and potential at the school.

The students just need some time to fully understand and appreciate that these contests, which offer real prizes, are genuine opportunities. By #posting their content and investing their time on Hive, they can actually earn #rewards and gain recognition for their work. It’s important for them to realize that their efforts can lead to tangible benefits, encouraging them to participate more actively in these artistic endeavors.


Hive Art Contest Drawings at the Museum

For those who may not be aware, @nahupuku has been passionately promoting Hive. Recently, he began teaching at the University of Unearte and decided to introduce 35 of his students to Hive. He is educating them about @nftshowroom, explaining the concept of #NFTs, and discussing all the opportunities available on #Web3.

All the students now have their Hive accounts, and @orimusic is collaborating with Nahu to assist the students with their introductory posts. It's important to remember that this introductory post is one of the most significant posts you can make on Hive.

The students' artwork is already showcased on #NFTShowroom. If you would like to view their creations, you can visit this link: NFTShowroom Collection.

In addition to this, we decided to seize this opportunity to include artwork from Aveledo school in the museum exhibition, showcasing the kids' talents. Although the kids did not create exactly what we requested, we still awarded each of them a $10 prize.

We hope that rewarding these kids will inspire others to participate in future contests.


OCD and Ecency

We're deeply thankful to @ocd and @ecency for their crucial support of our project. Without their help, we'd still be short on funds and struggling to continue. We've faced significant financial challenges and needed to adjust our plans to manage these issues. Thankfully, with @acidyo's curation approval and @melinda010100’s promotional efforts on Ecency, we've secured enough funds to provide internet at school for the next six months. We are now nearly done with our funding needs, with only two payments left for wall arts dedicated to #Monero and #Hive. These artworks will help highlight our commitment to community and innovation. Thanks again to everyone who has supported us, helping keep our project alive and progressing.

P.S. Thank you @stickupboys for also always curating our articles ❤️



Holozing has been truly fantastic in recognizing and rewarding the amazing #artists on Hive. This really highlights the immense talent we have in our community. I am tagging @holozing because, in the upcoming weeks, we are planning to upload a Holozing-related drawing (in black and white). This drawing is being created by an artist who is also one of Nahu's students.

The reason for this post is to bring attention to the fact that this talented #artist doesn't have enough money to buy colored pencils(my mind just doesn't understand how this is possible). We hope that by sharing her #drawing, she will receive some support, and we can help her along the way. She has already joined Hive, but it will take some time for her to write and post her introduction article. Therefore, CBRS will be presenting her Holozing art on her behalf.

To give you an idea of her talent, here her drawing:


Next Steps

Since we now have #internet access, we are ready to begin teaching. However, before we start, we need to test all our equipment. This coming Friday, @Nahupuku will visit the school to connect the second computer and install TeamViewer or AnyDesk. This will allow the @coldbeetrootsoup Team to configure the computers and install all the necessary software.

We are considering replacing Windows with #Linux Ubuntu. As we move towards web3, prioritizing security and privacy, using Linux as our operating system seems like the logical choice.

Next, we will set up our projector and test it by having a live call with Nahu. We are eagerly anticipating this moment and hope that the #connection speed and the computers will perform well. This is crucial because #teachers will be conducting #Web3 #lectures online on the big screen.

While we prepare the computers, we are also planning how the #Hub will function and how we will start teaching and attracting kids to join our web3 education program.

Additionally, we still need an extra $200 in #funding for the wall art we promised. This project hasn't been completed yet because we faced additional costs and had to prioritize between the internet and the art. However, I believe that with our articles and the support of @OCD and @Ecency, we can achieve this final financial step.

❤️How Can you help?

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/FR8vhRM75Z

Hello everyone @blocktrades @threespeak @theycallmedan @gtg @oflyhigh @smooth @stoodkev @elmerlin @themarkymark @pharesim,

Sorry for the tags, but I wanted to share this project with you. We’re almost at the finish line and could really use your support with some upvotes to help push it through.

Thanks so much!

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Sorry @elevator09 we totally missed your Donation 😱 Thank you very much for your support ❤️

Thanks for the mention in the comments :) Great that you are making so much progress and having initiated this project! Keep it up, I think it’s good that you post regular updates for more transparency :)

Every Croudfunded and community supported project should be transparen. Trust always comes with transparency. The changes we are trying to create and the goals we are trying to acheave are priceless. Even though we had quite a difficult road, this was peace of cake cause now comes the hardest part and that's, teaching and making sure the school becomes self-sustainable.

This is exciting news and I can't wait to see students using the Points donated by Ecency to receive 200HP delegations for their accounts!
Bravo @cbrsphilanthropy! What a incredible project this has been.

Hey Melinda 😍 This project was really great. It took a lot of work and dedication, but with all the help we got from Hive Communities kept us going.

Now the hard work will start for @nahupuku and @orimusic and I hope that they will get same support on their articles as we did. We still have one last push for this project, but we will be announcing is once the Web3 classes start.

And after that we are going to start a new project. Not sure yet where, but we want to help where ever it's possible.

Ecency Points will be transfered to each student once they create an acount 😍

This is great news from the Venezuelan (Hive) school project!! After those initial problems and demotivating issues, it's great to see that the ball is rolling and moving forward despite all that! With the Internet and the right direction, the sky is the limit!
I already can see online conferences and classes held in that classroom!

Good luck with your endeavors!

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Thank you buddy for your support 😍 Indeed just like you said, Sky is the limit. There is just so much we can do and we are already talking with Spanish speaking teachers that want to help these kids and teach them IT stuff and anything else they are not learning at school.

We are trying to connect with a Web3 University in Mexico where they will be giving real life problems and see if kids can think of real life solutions. If they do, they can go study in that University or already have a potential Job apportunity.

...education about HIVE over the Internet... 🙂

Hive Education will be at the school by @nahupuku and @orimusic 😉

with perseverance we are working step by step to achieve that this project is consolidated and maintained over time!

seems like an awesome project. Youre doing a great job.
I look forward to hearing how this young artist earns herself some colouring pencils! she is clearly talented. Now all she needs is the motivation to engage with the hive community and she will surely be rewarded well

I know that for @Nahupuku the most important is that his Student can create Art the way she want to and it's just so crazy that student's can't afford to buy colored pencils.

The 1st introduction to the students was @nftshowroom and so later on Nahu will be explaining the other cool things you can do on Hive :)

great work to all!

Thank you guys 🥰

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Los felicito por su perseverancia y buscar como hacer llegar Hive a tantos estudiantes para lo que puede ser una excelente herramienta para la formación y desarrollo de sus talentos, es lamentable que no hayan obtenido el apoyo y participación en el concurso de arte, toma tiempo hacer que las personas entiendan que además de la remuneración HIVE es una oportunidad para conocer y aprender sobre la creación de contenido y muchas otras cosas además de los contactos que pueden hacer.

Gracias :) Sabemos que llevará tiempo y mucho esfuerzo, pero una vez que tengamos niños que publiquen en Hive y se lo cuenten a otros, los números deberían comenzar a crecer rápidamente.

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Qué bueno qué ya cuenten con algo tan indispensable como el internet y además ese chico tiene talento eh, espero pueda comprar mas lápices de dibujo para que emprenda su arte "porque si tiene talento a mí parecer"