Top 3 “End of the World” Movies

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It's the time of the month again, where we have another interesting topic for us to write about. It's my fourth participation in the monthly contest by @yourtop3. For the month of August we have the topic "End of the World" movies. It's a very fitting title considering what's happening all over the world at the moment.

"End of the World" is something we all ponder upon from time to time. There are lots of possibilities from space rocks, nuclear wars, the spread of deadly viruses, alien invasion, or even brain-eating zombies. Mankind has been making movies based on these possibilities for years. If I were to guess how the world will going to end, I think it will probably be us, humans, to be destroying each other.

Before I get sidetracked any further (ADHD 😕), I would like to begin talking about my Top 3 "End of the World" movies.

this is the end.jpg

This movie is not your typical serious apocalyptic movie, rather it is filled with comedy and lots of familiar faces of the Hollywood industry. It all starts with Jay Baruchel arriving at Los Angelos to visit his old friend Seth Rogen. They then go to house parties full of celebrities like James Franco, Michael Cera, Rihana, Emma Watson, Channing Tatum, and many many more.

Jay feels a bit out of place so he goes outside with Seth to buy some cigarettes in a convenience store. This is where the Apocolypse begins as the chaos starts spreading and people getting sucked into the sky with a blue beam of light. Outside the house party, people start panicking as the earthquake starts opening the ground killing a few celebrities including Rihana.

The disaster follows as an alien-looking monster starts attacking and killing everyone. The remaining survivors realize that they need to repent their sins and do a good deed in order to be called into heaven.

It's a fun-filled movie and is definitely recommended.

day after tomorrow.jpg

I first watched this movie when I was in school and rewatched it a few years ago. It's a good movie considering the time it was made. It starts with Jack Hall, climatologies explaining his concerns regarding climate change and global warming that could trigger another ice age in the near future. His concerns are easily tossed aside. Little did he knew that they were already in the middle of a major disaster caused by climate shift.

Lots of places all over the world are hit with big hurricanes, storms, hail storms, tornados, and tsunamis. Earth is about to end in another ice age and people are trying to get to warmer places.

It's a great movie and might be something humanity might face soon. Although the movie gets bits slow towards the end, it still a good movie to be enjoyed.


I knew I had to include this movie as soon as I saw the topic for the month. It closely resembles the situation that we're having in our world i.e. global pandemic. When the movie was released it was widely praised for its realistic portrayal of a global pandemic. In the movie, there is a new virus called MEV-1. It attacks lungs and brains causing headaches and seizures. It is highly fatal and no cure is available yet. Lots of people start succumbing to the virus as WHO desperately starts tracing the virus back to the original carrier.
The movie provided insights on how the virus spreads and how epidemiologists help to try to contain them by contact tracing. The movie has made sure to portray lots of scientific facts and jargon accurately.
Overall it's a great movie that you might want to watch and enjoy due to current circumstances. Although it closely resembles the current real-world pandemic, the death toll and disorder caused by the virus in the movie are much higher than Covid-19.

This is all for this month's nominations. I hope you enjoyed my list. If you would like to join this contest then check the link below. There aren't lots of days remaining so hurry up.


Nice selections, I was actually considering The Day After Tomorrow for one of my picks :)

It is a great movie and enjoyed watching it few times. :)

Lol This is the End looks hilarious, a little bit like World's End or Shaun of the Dead that mixes comedy in with gore and doom! The Day After Tomorrow is a classic, can't believe it's 2004 that one was made, imagine if it was made more recently with better effects and graphics, would feel even more realistic on the big screen.

Contagion really couldn't be more an appropriate choice hey! Going to have to watch that "documentary" now...

Good luck in the contest and thanks for entering again!

Haha! Yeah, I really dig the disaster movies mixed with comedy. I loved watching Shaun of the Dead, and now I want to watch it again. I'll save it for the weekend 😄 .
Thank you, for having me. I enjoy being part of it every month. :)

Haha Shaun of the Dead - I have told this story way too often recently but why not, I'll tell it again 😁

I was dating a girl way back at the time Shaun of the Dead first came out. She was part of the cinema club and scored tickets to see the pre-release version of the film before it was finalised. There were a couple of subtle changes after they asked for feedback but the film was better for it!

Our relationship didn't last too long after that but then, I saw Shaun of the Dead and gave feedback on the movie so there's that 😀

Great to have you with us and thanks for embracing the full spirit of the contest!

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Excellent choices! Of course I fully approve of the first as I had selected that one for my own list. What's life (even as it's coming to a close) without some laughs? They definitely poke great fun of themselves in that movie, as well. The other two also hit home right now between our own mismanagement of the Earth and the global pandemic. Art does often imitate life, right? I would imagine all of these will do well in the dpoll, but time will tell! :)

Yes, often movies are made based on real world problems and scenarios. We're going to have a great list of movies by the end of this month. I can't say that my nominations will do great though. 😄

This is a great list for something to consider later on, since Contagion is the only one here I watched. I remembered I first had a glimpse on it on TV years ago when it first aired, but I had to rewatch it in full, and properly right after Covid struck... Like everyone else.

It's amazing how accurate the protrayal is, even down to the uncivilised and almost barbaric behaviour, and all the conspiracy theories. It's almost annoying that we watched that movie years ago, and we haven't learned anything from it... 😆

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You might be able to get some great list of movies at the end of this contest. I also rewatched Contagion after it got hyped again. 😆

Ofcourse we havent learned anything although the movie had very accurate potryal. It scares me as we get more news of newer virus from China when we havent even contained the current one.

How fragile are we as living beings. I hope we get to turn into cyborgs soon. 😆

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It's really worrying, that's for sure. What's worse is that even though we're in the thick of it, with hundreds of thousands dead around us, and some governments and people still aren't taking containment measures seriously! It really makes my blood boil... 😡

I'm hoping to calm that down with a bit of movie night, just before we move into boring ol' Monday. But hey, at least the Dapplr app seems to be working beautifully for you, eh?

Great picks, I see you had to pick a pandemic movie about bats didn't you? Lol seems fitting but yeah awesome movie too

Yes, someone had to do it. Although Contaigion was released in 2011, it got some attention again ever since the pandemic.

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Totally, lol I knew it would happen the moment we went into lock down, there was only a matter of time having everyone at home watching movies that they would find that one

Contagion looks interesting, I can vaguely remember it being on TV at some point. Seeing the trailer it kind of came back to me 🧐🧐🧐

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You should consider watching it, especially because it closely resembles the current world situation.

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Cool choices @the100

Contagion was a good watch. A lot of movies of that ilk end up turning into a shitfest but this one stayed the course.

I have just checked out the video and realised that I have not watched The
Day After Tomorrow.

This is the End is a popular choice and looks like it might do well. It was a good laugh, for sure.


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