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RE: How to create a FREE Hive Account?

Gotta get back in the discord lol but i want to figure out if you guys are interested in a delegation for interests in the guilds dao units which will allow you to accumulate the tokens by voting in a treasury that will collect the rewards by voting on content and then use those to fund the guild and my investment in the guild by using my hp or other things to delegate to curate and get a stready source of capital by providing curation votes and providing them by voting on the guilds content which all rewards should be deposited in the account except for 25% of author rewards which will be sent back to the guild treasury for a profit to the guild units for the time involved in clicking vote and will grow over time. Is having a curator account something you want to do bc i can delegate various tokens for this in exchange for 75% of all rewards paid in HHG tokens as a privatly agreed price which will be the nav of the treasury and guild assets or something like that as the agreement will be with the treasury and HHG guild units so the agreement will impact the value and insrease it as 25% of the curation rewards are the profit and the rest are equity investments from the use of the tokens delegated to you to vote with on your guilds content and increase earnings and value for the HHG token and guild. Also will give me what i want which is equity in a guild we can grow and ownership in that which will allow me to make money as well and make money by doing other things to help promote the guild like using AI to write about the guild in many diferent places and do it at scale with content that can be posted 40 times just re worded from one origial post by the guild and use ai to reword your own work post on steem and other block chains. I will do that and the value will be 75% pushed into the token which will be a multi sig wallet for the guild on a ledger to hold the treasury and have it so no distributions of these funds can be made unless all directors of which i would get to be on the directors that have a spot as the money in the treasury will be coming from this delegation of my resources and efforts to push out content produced by the guild at scale and to get affiliate income and other income to related to it ot put in the treasury. and one report every week after we get it going will be the nav of the token based on the assets the guild owns in the treasury and the guild it self with value ascribed to the ppl in the guild as it would be a cost if someone were to leave so there is value in that the contributions of dec made in the past are now more valuable to. I eill also add my tier two guild as a sub guild of it that can be a feeder into the main guild and it s a tier two almost 3 and is full right now as it was a open guild so any members in there will stay unless they leave and ill lock it bc i promoised not to kick them when i bought the guild for 150 bucks as long as they play brawls to get crowns and do daily focuses. Which lets me get value by getting a high level guild and having a team that will just play and grind of those spots to grow it bc they downt contribute as i provide that bc i own the guild and that benefit can be part of the HHG guilds and except for the players in there which will need different agreements and will be idendified by the officer title and the other members up from 16 to 30 will be part of the new feeder program fro new players to be invited to play and if they are good they can be moved into a spot on the main guild as it advances and eventually ethere will be two main guilds as that grows or one is acquired. And i have another lower level but ugredd guild almost tier 2 on most buildings not being played we can put into service and have managed under the HHG feeder which will eventually turn into a non feeder guild when upgraded. To do that sort of JV type thing will need to set up a formal dao with equal ownership of the DAO units by BCKC Capital LLC which is my investment company and i decided not to work with the other ppl as one stopped responding after i wanted my assets back for splinterforge and the rest also when i was finally ready to get the agreements signed and everyone had to contribute actual money which would alsmo mean effort which apparently was not what was going to happen so i had all the money and assets but i was going to jsut give ppl 4/5ths of 100KL plus in assets for no additional capital to buy more no way lol. Thats not how partnerships work you contribute value equal and i was doing all the work and had all the assets so would have been the worst deal ever for me. Now that i can basically create a automated guild with nifty as a human bot basically and i indend to scale those up and just rent decks for the nifty players for champion. as those battles pay out 10-100 a day and i intend to have a entire guild that is completely autonomous with p[pl using my accounts from nifty and i provide the 150 a day to 300 in rent for all accounts or get a lower split for card ownership. if i rent that gets paid before anyone does so they take a risk of not geting anything and i rrisk losing a few dollars. if it makes 10 a day which diamond did for me plus eos of like 100 and 1000 plus for champ its worth renting for 130 a day and paying 20 at most per account you ge over 6x roi daily per account