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RE: How to create a FREE Hive Account?

ill be abler to provide sps and glx support for any staking im guaranteed a max promo and will be guaranteed a bunch more soon after i complete my glx sps trade where i converted sps at 3-3.5 to glx below 3 cents to 2.2 cents and have been reversing to glx now again as i can get more glx than sps and wait for when glx hypes to revers and buy sps again at the extemes but right now have 500K sps and 340K glx with 20 sps nodes 2 drip glx coming and own 2 now. Have 20 land plots that can help with production and gaining access to more resources to trade and put in the lps. I own 6 runis ill be adding to 6 plots prob selling the rest lest valuable ones and keeping 5-6 prob 5 with 5 runis and then a package for the totem legendary and starter set on it with decb i have 3 million ish of i bought for this or guilds. now its worth like 100% more from my purchase cost of it with out the discount which is sweet and i think dec and spt has a chance to go back to .01 especially spt bc its owned by a few ppl even me at a million spt right now is significant and its cheap as hell i had 10 million before then i sold it when it was much more than currently like .00001 cents all we need is 20 million of it to own 10 % of all tokens then 51 million to own alot of it and gret to the point where were providing liquidity and then add a shit load of other tokens to the lp pool like nftm which you aclquire cheap using bids and market maker positions to get them as extra and pretty much worthless bc to less you need to sell at 10x less and you can make money also by placeing buys low and sells 10X up or 5x up like i did on nftm lol its fun and makers you some reandom good trades and when i get my market maker contract set up to start doing what everyone does on the lps and really makes some money on the spread that is so lucrative and we need a top 20 wittnress they make 60k a year. HOw we could do that i have a idea. Do something no wittness has done to my knowlege.