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RE: How to create a FREE Hive Account?

Almost done resturcuting my holdings to focus more on holding sps , GLX which i will be bringing up to 1-1.5 million each just got sps to 600K sps and 15 sps validador nodes , 20 land plots for which i have 6 runis so 100% bonus to the pp and we can get gold Alpha or Beta Cards to cash in on the high production as well as try to pair it with a promo to get the extra amount. I sold my high roller title before i knew it was a 50% buff on land lol fml oh well 500 bucks is 500 bucks but going for more now i bet. Also i have 6 runis and enought dec b to buy starter sets fully upgraded for the best plots and out of the best plots combined we can combine the best cards, RUNI to with starter kit and power core to gret the exra slot plus 100% PP bonus along with a totem legendary or epic for each land to get the 75-100% on that , get concentrated pp on the runi plots and sell the rest of them once they are less profitable and buy at least 5 plots in a few regions and that way can choose to either focus on one where there are the highest quality pp cards we can get on there to take full advantage of the bonuses and also see if we can snag a quick title for each runi land whether it be a 10% or if we got lucky and got a 50% one. Also the pp on the alpha cards are 10X and gold is 10X that so Alpha Gold Promo Cards will be the best as the add on the discounts for prom and alpha. I have a few older careds but none gold alpha, I have promo beta maxed and dice etc as well as gold chaos cards maxed which would give 10000 pp or 60K PP *100% for runi or 120K plus another 60K PP 180K PP on the one plot if it is legendary and if it has magic 100% more so 180 plus 50K is 240K pp then have a legendary totem on a legendary plot for 120K more pp so 360K pp ish on one plot and if the land can get to 500% it has maxed allowed buffs and then the best cards if obtained at a good price which i may try buting say a few thousand bucks worth of alpha packs on HE and opening them to see if i can pull a legendary gold and dee if i can catch a gold foil legenary promo. If i cant see if there is a combo in another cheaper cards bc i have a runi it might be possible to use cheaper cards and get great results and the other way may be so expensive or one way is to approach somone with cards that are old and no runi and offer to put the runi on the land for 10% of the fees going to the land owner and 90% of the runi production going to the runi owner or if we figure out a good way to partner up on land like we could have a node each to give it income and delegate that to the treasury which will be used to grow the treasury sps which will be very useful to have when staking comes out for players in q2-- q. Currently I can generate 330 sps a day and 60 vouchers a day as well as staking rewards currently on 600K sps or like 4200 per year 21% plus the 20% air drop of GLX or 100K ish right now divided by 365 * reamining days as well as im receiving node rewards for 3 nodes and get air dropped a third and 5 node shards if i decide to keep the 5 nodes but i may sell them for another glx node, sps , land tract whith the rest of it and the hive im unstaking as well as current daily income and selling some cards to get all assets that make money focusing on the economy and less such playing and I have two xbots running in diamond and rented a champ booster this time to get into chanp and assesss the profitability of champ leauge as well as paying for 50 battles a day when in champ bc the cost is i beleive worth it at 50-100 per day i can rent a champ deck that has everything for 10-20 a day mac and a deck to get me there much less. WIll be using 4 xbots , 2 archmages A and B and splintermate as well as nifty to do a 6 month comparison of a all botted guild with rented cards to a nifty guild with rented cards and my one account is almost ready to play with just soul bound cards and gladious cards. I have soulbound summoners now so it likely can play at the silver level possibly and willl test it out after next month and see if the first account of all soulbound cards and maybe supplimenatal rentals costing like nothing see if i can get that to champ or diamond bc the dollars to cost at lower levels will be even better.