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RE: How to create a FREE Hive Account?

Will be ready to start preparing the treasury account for a JV on a few things like card rental banks and also auto mated guilds and guilds for ppl to feed into the main guilds with the \best buildings. my guild i have with random ppl who decided they all wanted to stay and keep playing bc i bought it can join as well or if not they can leave but im sure they will alll roll with it. I let them manage that guild and i just play my accounts in it lol but will have more set goals once we can determine what are goals are for a JV project which makes the most sense then we can contribute equal stuff like delegations to fund the curator we will do and vote giveaways as well as a stream where we make it rain for 1 minute giveing away as many cards as we can of CL packs of 25 packs per monthly stream and ppl must buy a ticket though a claim drop and there will be a max amount of ppl so everyone has the same odds and will pretty much be guaranteed to win something but may not be worth as much some will win things worth way more and we will take home 25% and all the other curation rewards other than hive. The hive will go to buy the cards from the ticket sales and the extra hive not taken buy us goes into a hive pot to be put in the lottery players cash flow dao and you get units each ticket you buy which entitles you to 50% of the net income after expenses and that will be distributed. The key is to get delagations from all the larger holders who plat and if you delegate over 1K hive you get a bonus 10% change