How to create a FREE Hive Account?

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Want a FREE Hive Account but don't know how?


Don't worry as this article will help you create your Hive Account for FREE!🥳

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Before we tackle about the creation of your hive account, let us talk first a little about HIVE 😁

The Hive Blockchain is a DPoS powered blockchain. It is fast, scalable and powerful. We have seen a lot of blockchains existing today, but only Hive is on the level closest to Web 3. Where it's economics are shared among the entire community. You can create applications, networks and more easily with Hive but you need not to worry as USERs are in control, meaning you control your own Data. Pretty Amazing right? 🥳


Let us get this started!!! 🔥

There are numerous ways on how to create a Hive Account but let us focus on creating a free one. This time I recommend you to use ecency, it is free and you only need email address for verification as well as to prevent abuses.

Ecency is a social networking app powered by Hive Blockchain. So for the first step, download ecency app on your phone via play store or app store.


Open the app and click "join now" that can be seen on the top right corner of the screen. Then you should be able to see this.


Pick a username, input your email address, and put "hhguild" on the referred user.😁 Well, it's optional so you can also not put any hahaha.😂 After you are done, click sign up. Wait for an email to be sent on your email address. It will ask for confirmation and then you will receive your WIF Password.


After you've got your password, you have now officially created a HIVE Account! 🎉🎉🎉 Log in to your ecency app now.

But wait!!!

There are more things you can do with your free hive account other than logging in with ecency. I tell you, hive is vast😍

You need to download hive keychain via play store and app store. It also has a chrome extension.


Hive keychain is a wallet for your Hive Account. It also help you handle hive related operations such as accessing Dapps. When you open your Hive Keychain, create a pin code and after that you should be able to see this interface.


Import your newly created hive account by inputting your username and the password you received through email. And that's it guys!!! Hope you learned how to create a free hive account now hehe 😁


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Henthusiast Haven Guild (HH Guild) is an organization founded in the Philippines that provides a place for everyone to gather and create wealth inside the metaverse of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and Blockchain Games. The organization ought to invest on NFT Assets from different games and platforms, in order to help people start on these blockchain games and teach them other ways to earn on the metaverse. With the goal of creating a virtual economy that incorporates the real world economy, the guild will maximize its assets and share the profits with its shareholders.

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Let us see each other in our next blog post! Thank you and have a nice day!🥰