FACT CHECK REQUEST: Are the Nazis necessarily connected to Conservatism?

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It is a common belief that Nazis are a Conservative group and that Conservative politicians tolerate their involvement with the Republican party. Though I have heard them condemned constantly by these leaders, the argument is made that Nazis feel comfortable with the conservative movement so they are a right-wing idea that is to be associated with conservatives in general. Conservative leaders' statements to distance themselves have been taken by their political opponents as being made with a figurative "wink and nod".

In this news article, Whoopie Goldberg says that Turning Point USA is an organization that Nazis feel so comfortable around this organization that they "felt invited" to their event.

Two points I would like verified:

  1. The assertion implied by the co-hosts of "The View" here that conservative organizations are responsible for white supremacist organizations attending their events? Is there a hidden acceptance and encouragement of them despite the public condemnations?

  2. The broader idea that if a group feels comfortable with a political group or leader then is that political group or leader is responsible for their support? I can find this type of thinking on both sides of the political spectrum. Think Jeremiah Wright and Obama, Glenn Beck's chalkboard of connections. There is a difference between saying,

I condemn and disagree strongly with this group.
Who him? He was just a guy who lived down the street.


Let me tell you what this despicable group means to me....you'll have to hold me back because this pisses me off!
This guy's views are repugnant to me and I would sooner be caught dead than to be seen anywhere near him.

The second burns a bridge to possible support and makes your views clear, though could be just fake outrage to be contradicted by your actions. But such a scenario would just go another cycle with another accusation and denial. "Freedom of Association" seems to be a second-class right that works for the courtroom but not the court of public opinion.


I just saw this video that explains the origin of fascism. Nazi stands for "National Socialist".