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It took a while, because I was very busy offline, but now it's ready.

First collections at available here:

I hope you know by now how to top up your @wallet with #TON: The easiest way is to tap in Telegram on @wallet and then via the P2P market. But there are also other options. If you need help, write to me personally at #Telegram to @KlausKlaus112358.

In my gallery at Getgems you can see 3 collections: "Slate Light Graphics", "Panel Painting" and "The Light Seekers". The prices start at 2TON, currently around €4, but it won't stay at that price, because both #TON and #NFT have not exhausted their potential for a long time. We are only at the very beginning!

So it's worth getting in early and not waiting too long to buy. Purchased and donated NFTs can be put up for sale again at, the price is determined by the owner of the NFT. So have fun and enjoy collecting art.

👉 Soon our own multichain NFT community here on the hive 👈

I was just discussing with @solymi on Discord that we need the first multichain NFT community here on Hive and will be doing it soon.

There are already numerous NFT communities here, such as those of NFTShowroom or Alien Art. But unfortunately none of them are multichain.

We want to focus on the best and most worthwhile NFT collections on all blockchains besides HiveEngine, such as: #ETH, #Avax, #Sol or even #TON.

@solymi is an experienced NFTer and also a game designer. I am very excited to see what experience he will bring to our multichain NFT community.

Until then, stay tuned and check out my NFT gallery on



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