We Have Renewed Our Kitchen Cabinets With Paint

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Greetings everyone, we decided to replace them because we are so bored with our kitchen cabinets these days, but we decided to paint them with a special paint because it will keep it very expensive

Our kitchen is one of the classic old kitchens, so we decided to paint them white to make them look modern.

We preferred a paint that is used a lot for these works, and in the painting process, we had to wait for two hours after discarding each layer.

We had to repeat these procedures three times with a break of two hours, you need to paint at least three times to get the full color of the Decals, so if you get better results



After painting our kitchen cabinets, it was time to paint our countertop, we had to paint the countertop three times in the same way

The most difficult thing on the bench was to make the crack pattern. I bought a special spray for this, thanks to this spray, I can give the crack pattern very nicely.

After shaking the spray thoroughly to give the pattern, we squeeze the spray sixty inches above so that the crack pattern is formed very nicely




After doing all the operations, we do the protective ordeal on it as the last step this process will protect the paint and pattern from scratches and bumps and provide a bright image

In this way, you can also renew your content with paint without changing it


It seems fashionable; we have also changed the kitchen cabinet doors. No need to change the skeleton.

it looks modern at such a cheap price, thanks for your comment