It's the Hivin' Life for me! :)

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* All pics taken by me

I was sitting on my lanai (that's local for porch in hawaii), just chillin, playing cards with my mom and my 2 kids. I thought, hey.. I should take a few pics and just blog about it. So I did, and I am.. :)

I totally take it for granted.. cuz I see it every day.. but this view is pretty awesome! Makes me wonder if anyone is up there.. or what's it like up there..

I am thankful that I get to live here and have my family around. These are my cheap tow straps that I put around one of the ceiling pieces of strong wood, to use for doing some bodyweight rowing. I no longer do this exercise, but my son still does them often. He left them flapping in the breeze.. I usually wrap em around the nearby wood to keep them from flopping around..

I wake up each morning knowing I got some good food to eat. I don't have to look around. These are about my favorite thing for breakfast (besides french toast) since they are ready made, quick to eat, and super tasty. (SWEET!) (btw, if u shop at target, try these if u never did)

My house is always well stocked with goodies for me to eat or drink..

(I didn't know these were made in hawaii)

and did I already mention about all the goodies (but not the goodies that are actually good for u :P)

Ahhhhhh, this IS one of the best foods.. seafood.. packed with protein and.. LUV LUV LUV it! I would eat it everyday if I could. In fact, I have looked at a few vids on youtube about raising these. Maybe I'll try that later.. 😎🤙🦀🦀🦀

and I live in a place where the people are filled with the Aloha spirit and things like this pretty statue of a pig! are just to be expected..



Living the life of a Hive king! We all need to appreciate what we have, and look around so we actually see all we're blessed with. Nice that you took some time to do just that. Thanks for sharing pics from your home! :)

Yay! 🤗
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