Happiness:Three Things That Contribute To it.

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I'll be happy when I get married and have kids, I'll be happy when I get this contract, when I build my own house I will be happy, As long as I keep getting credit alart I will be happier. These are responses from friends when I ask them what makes them happy, I can relate with these answers.

Do you share the same idea about happiness with them? When you achieve your goals or acquired that item did your happiness last? Or it just fade out?
Achieving our goals and obtaining whatever we want can make us happy. But that kind of happiness can be fleeting
Although we are unique, what makes me happy might not make you happy and as we grow older our choices changes.
Genuine happy comes from being content with what you have, 'avoid envy it steals your inner peace and joy.
Learn to love people and build a mental and emotional resilience.
So, yea it's never too late to try something different and unique. Happiness is the goal



Why did i feel that you are talking to me?
I have always told myself that i wiklqbe happy if i hit a particular target and so i stay quiet unhappy all the way and it really got me depressed. Thank God that i am all over it now.
I started living in the moment, also learnt be happy and grateful for what i have now.

I know how it feels when you can relate with a topic, you feel like the person is refering to u.
Living one day at a time, leaving tomorrow for tomorrow is the way to stay off anxiety.
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I agree with you, being contentment brings genuine happiness, not what own or strive acquire.

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Many factors can be responsible for ONES happiness, but first seek God's kingdom. Love is also important.

You are right, what makes people happy are different. But been contented in what we have is what give true happiness

Pure happiness comes from contentment and satisfactions. Money, possession, achievements and honors resulted in short-lived joy that can't last longer and breeds envy and jealous.

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