I'm impressed by this stationery set

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After therapy session I decided to go to the mall since I was hungry and wanted to just walk around and look for stationery. The therapist gave me an assignment of writing things down and since I am gonna start a journal soon, I thought of just making the assignment like a scrapbook style instead of just a boring-ass list. It's my way of connecting to and healing my inner child. :D

I went to a popular book store and discovered that their journals stuff are on that side of the store. It was a small store and for some reason I thought that section was just the discounts section. They had a bunch of sketchbooks at the counter and I thought that was it lol.


To my surprise, they had a few journal notebooks, planners, papers, and stuff like that... which basically what I was looking for the many times I went there lol.

Since I already had notebooks coming my way, I wasn't really interested in buying those... but one thing caught my eye.

It was this one stationery set hanging in one of the shelves. Immediately I got excited since I don't really have stickers and those decorative stickers yet. They have 3 different sets I believe and they are divided into colors. I chose the purple set.

Tbh I don't know what's inside. There is a label at the back for the contents but I can't read since it's written in Chinese. But then, it makes it more exciting not knowing what's exactly inside even though you already have a tiny clue based on the little things you can see from the transparent envelope.

The set costs $7 so I figured for a mystery, why not?


When I opened it, I was really surprised by the amount of stuff inside. I didn't think these would fit in such a tiny envelope. lol


I didn't even know where to begin LOL. I was really impressed so far and I like how they are all in the same theme of dreamy pastel-purple.


So what do we got in here?

We have these dot stickers and those decorative stickers as well. The dots can be functional and decorative which is a really nice thing to have. There's also a purple washi tape and clips.

With the stationeries that I ordered (that hasn't arrived yet) I don't think I have a lot of purples in there so this is a nice addition to my collection.


Next are the stickers! This was really the one that caught my eye and I probably wouldn't buy this if I didn't see this lady drawing lol.


When I unpacked them... I'm in love!

They're just so pretty and dreamy. They're watercolor designs which gives a very artsy vibe.


The stickers are quite transparent so sticking it would need some strategy as the ones underneath can be seen. Maybe not a good idea to stick them on papers with lines but we'll see.


Next are these printed on a really thick paper - same as those greeting cards. They can be for decoration purposes for scrapbooks and journals or as a bookmark as well. They are pretty thick so maybe it's not really ideal for journal pages but still depends on what you like of course. If you don't mind that some pages are gonna be thick af lol.

I can see that some are really for bookmark purposes cos some have holes in them.

They have some pretty corny texts though lol. I know it's just being inspirational but I couldn't help but think of toxic positivity vibes. 😂





And then the decorative papers! These are 20 pages and they are quite thick as well.


I don't know what these papers are called exactly but 10 of them are see-through. You can see the one with the feathers is used in my December weekly layout.


There are also what I believe are called Japanese papers (the purple and blue). They're very thin and has a texture like a glassine but I'm not sure if they might be the same haha. The other one is also an envelope with the a glassine-like but a lot thicker - similar to the see-through decorative papers above.

Then the rest are a few memo papers.

I really like all the surprises inside and it was really really fun just having the mystery part of all this. Kinda same excitement of opening card packs lol and I can see myself doing it again. XD

This would really be a perfect gift for someone who loves stationeries.


I love the colours and texture so much, so pretty

Love it. They're so pretty 😍


The pages, patterns, and textures are SOOO beautiful! This post is really inspiring me and makes me wish that I had such a store near by. But, maybe it is good because I am then forced to make my own stationary.

Sometimes making your own is better and more accomplishing. :D

How cute, I like that color palette.

Writing and doodling is good therapy, I hope your inner child gets very happy.

Righ?? Pastel purple is so cuuute. It is happy. So far I have been feeling better and productive because of planning. With journaling I think it will be so much better cos I can write down feelings with decorations haha. Thank you <3

They're gorgeous!! <3 and as someone just taking a Hive break from therapy journaling rn (xD), I gotta say, they'd certainly make any journaling a much happier experience!

Yeah! Really so fun with all the stickers and decos that it makes me want to nake my own stickers too hahah

Oh, that looks beautiful and everything matches. I love the colors and that the stickers look like they were done with watercolor gives it a special touch. I would love to see how Elaborate the journaling looks on you.

I especially love the color! If I were to have these, I'm sure I won't use them because they're all too pretty! 😭🌷

Cute ❤️

Cute ❤️

Oh, I love everything purple. I am very tempted to buy stickers but again, my kids and I for sure, MAG ILOG NA POD MI. hahaha!