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Job searching is NOT fun!

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Beach trips and having a car that doesn’t break every single week are some of my goals but to be honest, to be able to afford all that my kid needs paying for his classes, extracurricular activities, health insurance, and all the playdates he wants, are my priorities and all this is not something I am able to cover with just my Hive’s posts rewards (yet! When hive finally goes mooning then I will be rich obvs).

But until Hive figures itself out to get to be worth more than 1$ I am sadly in the difficult position of having to look for a job beyond our Blockchain.

Have I mentioned, I live in Venezuela? Looking for a job here even with a Law Degree is not only not easy but if you manage to get one is not going to be paying enough to actually make a living, I seriously don’t know how many do it. Our minimum wage is around 5 USD per month, Now to be honest only the public workers actually get paid that cause HOW ON EARTH WILL YOU LIVE WITH 5 USD A MONTH?!?!?! Usually, a private company would pay anything from 40 USD per month to maybe if you get a high-ranking position 250 USD a month, in working schedules that could go beyond 8 hours a day.

My Law Degree in Venezuela

I am a lawyer but, since I graduated (2017), I first got pregnant so became a stay-at-home mom, and then came the pandemic. So, I haven’t been able to actually practice my career much beyond making some Legal procedures, redacting some contracts, and creating some companies, this means I haven’t gained enough experience to actually be a litigator, adding to this the fact getting new clients as a new lawyer is not easy, I need to actually get me some stability and can’t depend on sporadic jobs.

I want to actually do a specialty or a Master’s, but I need money to pay for that.

Looking for a Remote Job

To live in Venezuela, you must have a job not from Venezuela, is that easy LOL, so, I decided to look for a job beyond my borders, but since I can't actually pick up and leave here (I just can’t see myself leaving my family like that and I don’t mean my kid and hubby but more of my mom and dad and my sister and nephews) the next best thing is going the remote way.

Now What job can I get working remotely?

When I started to look for a job it was actually last year, and I didn’t have a clear path to be honest, as someone who went to the university for 5 years to get a degree in something that is not useful outside of her country, I felt frustrated, also I had previous work experience, but I didn’t know how to carry that on to an online job.

And then it came Tik Tok, yes, if you read my last post, you know I am one of those “I saw it on TikTok” people. I started getting these tips and suggestions on how to get a remote job. The main thing they all say is that you need to look at your skills and see where they best apply, that is how I got to…

Virtual Assistant

I have been an assistant in the past and even tho I could think I would be overqualified to just be an assistant since I am a Lawyer when I looked at the skills some people applying for this position have I am not where near them.

If there is one thing my dad taught me was to start low and work my way up, as an assistant to someone you will be able to gain more skills and experience, so this seems like the right path for me.

How and Where to get the jobs?

Pages to get jobs I have found are infinite, but you need to start by having a good LinkedIn profile, that is the main thing most sites even ask you to link to your profile while creating the account so, yes having a good profile on this site is a must.
Now here is one thing I do not understand, if you are looking for a job 90% of the cases I would say are people who are unemployed so, why do most of the pages that you can use to find a job charge you for using them I HAVE NO MONEY, how am I supposed to pay you before I actually get a job? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

So, this is another advantage of using LinkedIn, you don’t have to pay anything to apply for jobs there, I mean they do offer a membership that is expensive AF but you don’t need it to apply that is the important thing.

The other 2 pages I like using are:

Upwork and Fiveer
In Upwork, you do have to expend “connects” which is a sort of token for applying to jobs, and you can buy them so you can apply to more jobs but! They give you 10 for free each month as well as when you initially register by completing your profile you get connects, my suggestion is to not apply like crazy and read pretty well the proposals, so you don’t spend those free connects so fast.

Another thing that Upwork has is the same as Fiveer you can post a project this one is for free as with Fiveer, you don’t have to spend any connects and that way you can offer your services for people to contact you directly, the thing here obviously your biggest competition are other freelancers who already have more experience and even have ratings from previous clients so, is more difficult to get notice this way.

The main characteristic of these pages is that they are a sort of outsourcing Marketplace for jobs, meaning they act as a third-party middleman between you and the client. How? By charging The client for the job you will do before you do it so, that only when you completed it as requested by the client you will get paid. The good thing is you protect yourself from scams, the bad thing is you get discounted a fee from your payment.

AI helping me apply for jobs?

The funny thing is you can’t actually access ChatGPT from Venezuela you have to use it through other dapps and services but what you can access is Bing (Microsoft) and Bard (Google) and let me tell you they are good!

Applying for jobs is a Job in itself, cause in order to actually land a job you need to apply as much as you can on a daily basis to all the offers out there, so you need all the help you can get.

Most Jobs ask for a cover letter, in fact, to apply in Upwork you have to have one, you need to modify and optimize your CV the best you can, and you have to prepare yourself for possible questions on the interviews once you get them.
And again, I saw on TikTok you can actually use these AI chatbots to help you do all these things.

I use Bard the most I feel like is easy and clean and I don’t have to leave Chrome to use it, I don’t like to have to go to Edge to use Bing and I can’t wait for Autopilot to finally arrive at my Window 11 laptop so that I can use Bing AI right on my taskbar.

How to use AI to help you apply for jobs?

The main thing you need to know is you can’t lie on your CV this will backfire on you later on whether on the interviews or when doing the job itself, the second thing to know is you have to know what to ask and how to ask it.

This is the way you introduce commands and info for the AI to answer and help you, I am not an expert but what I did was start simple and learn how to get better answers along the way.

Always use Please and Thank you


I mean I have seen the Terminator movies, and I know how this is going to end when the AI takes over the world, I want it to remember I was nice to it!

I'm going to show you now some prompts I have used to get the best answers:

For this job offer


I needed to answer the question:
Why are you interested in this role? And Why Upwork?
So I asked Bard with a small summary of the same job offer to help me write the answer


He takes less than 1 minute to come up with an answer and suggestions.


Now what you do with this answer is the important thing, you could just copy/paste, yes, but I suggest you used it more as a guidance to redact your own, why? Cause Hiring managers now know applicants are using AI and one giveaway from AI answers is they lack the human touch; you don’t need to give a perfect robot-like answer you need to add your own essence to it.

Using AI will give you direction and help a lot especially when applying as I said to multiple jobs at once when you sometimes reach the max of your creativity to write this on your own or if you don’t even know where to begin but don’t let it write all your answers on its own or you will not get far.

Making your cover letter

I was writing mine and didn’t know how to correctly add what I consider my main skill to it. So, I asked Bard for help:


After that, I ended up adding that paragraph to the letter and then I copy/pasted it as a prompt for the AI to help me edit it in the best way possible.

Preparing for the interviews


You can ask it to come up with questions an interviewer would ask you and the suggested answers so you can practice for future interviews and be ready with answers to give especially if you are like me that gets super nervous and forget even your name during the process.

Also, you could write down the questions from your interviews and give them to the AI to see what would it been a suggested answer.

I had an interviewer asked me What is the worst job you could think of? and I went completely blank and didn’t know how to answer it.

Well now I have these suggestions I can use if someone asks me this in the future.

Have any suggestions or a Job for me?

I am looking for a job, I am pretty flexible with my schedule so I can do whatever time zone you required and I am cheap =) Also, I'm open to any job position as long as it pays.

If you have any suggestions for me on how to land a Job please do share them and if you have questions on how to use AI to help you or any of the pages mentioned above for job searching do let me know too in the comments.

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As always, thank you very much for reading me and
I hope to read your comments!

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Hello @victoria.bsb , it was nice to read your publication, it has a little bit of everything, reflection, catharsis and good information.

I laughed about the need to get a job outside of Venezuela, even though we are in Venezuela, like you I am tired of searching the internet for other alternatives, I already knew this page but I have not gotten as far as you, I have a degree in management but no experience and no specialization, I have not left hive and I urgently need to explore other areas, the limitations are many starting with electricity rationing and the internet but there is no time for excuses.

You are tic tok and I instragam over there I saw something about working on pinterest but you have to educate yourself first, I'm doing a course as far as the internet lets me.

I have not tried anything with AI, very interesting to use it as you teach , I wish you much success and that you can find something good and that makes you happy.

la electricidad y el internet han sido un problema aunque ya no tanto el internet ya que logre adquirir un servicio privado, Me pasa lo de tener el titulo pero muy poca experiencia, he querido hacer cursos y especilizaciones pero no he tenido el dinero estaba viendo unos cursos gratuitos de Google para comenzar por alli y asi expandir mis conocimientos.

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Banks are also using AI bots to come up with more tailored hedging solutions through instruments like interest-rate swaps, equity derivatives and much more.
I think this is the future!

Yes! AI is in so much stuff right now is actually scary and that is why i always ask please and say thank you at the end, I want it to remember I was a nice human when they take over.

The way you are treating them is really commendable, it's a good way to teach them manners. But you know that the strong rule the weak and we can see it everywhere on our planet.
Once AI surpasses humans in intelligence, emotions and freedom to think and create, they may consider us a threat. it is undoubtedly scary!

What a delightful experience of using AI in seeking for a job. I wish you all the best and blessings to you my dear friend. Have a wonderful time.

Thank you is easier to have the AI helping but looking for a job is actually very stressful

This is beautiful. I registered to get jobs in upwork and fiverr but I haven't gotten any since I registered. Maybe i need to revisit my profile again.

I register like a year ago but learn how to use it more recently and have been doing a lot of editing to my CV to make it more appealing to the hiring managers out there. So, I do recommend you update your profile.

Thank you. I sure will look into it again