Baby Yoda in LEGO? Oh hell YEAH!

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It’s not often that I see new toys which truly tempt me. But when I do, it’s often LEGO. Call it nostalgia, vall it the LEGO SPACE exploring kid in me which never left, call it whatever you want. I LOVE LEGO and I don’t care about how that makes you feel.

Besides, that should only make you feel awesome and see you join in agreement share the good vibes. Anything else you will have to argue as a free speech expression but my, and my LEGO loving brethren disdain for you shall be known.

Now imagine when LEGO does cute. Imagine when LEGO does geek cute.

No, no... I don’t mean yet more Harry Potter. I mean Star Wars cute. The Mandalorian cute

Yes! Baby Yoda!

It was a while since geeks had seen something really cute when The Mandalorian came upon us. None of us were ready for what we got, The Child — or Baby Yoda — was much more than we ever dreamt about. Not that I’m saying that geeks dream about cute, but Baby Yoda was definitely cute2.

And just in time for the second season of The Mandalorian, LEGO is now upping the ante. With almost DISNEY alike merchandise and marketing precision. And a new LEGO set, of course. LEGO set 75,318.

1,073 pieces more pieces of Star Wars goodness in LEGO. At a reasonable price even of merely $79.99.

Sure it could have been cheaper, especially in the challenging Covid times, but have you seen the price of some of those official Star Wars toys Disney has unleashed upon us in those few years since they own the Star Wars franchise?

Or those “Math with Chewbacca” books for kids 3-5, straight from the Dept. of Milking ItTM?

Alright, alright... if I had offspring Chewbacca would most definitely be my preferred math teacher for the children. After myself that is.

This time though we’re talking a whole ‘nother level of merch. I mean, have you seen those cute ears? No, seriously... look at them!

Isn’t the Child LEGO version cute as heck? Not as memeable as the real streaming Child but cute as frak nevertheless.

And it’s LEGO! What more could a geek want? Surely the LEGO Baby Yoda beats that Godzilla tissue dispenser by light years.

Remember when I said earlier that LEGO did announce it with almost Disney alike precision. Well pardon me for smelling a rat here but it seems, as usual, Disney’s Dept. of Marketing also wanted to say something when the licensing deal between the USA and Denmark — but not for Greenland — was arranged.

As the most sarcastic and pessimistic inpatients souls among you already feared... The Child LEGO is not yet available. Not yet available for delivery. LEGO will only start shipping on October 30, 2020 which happens to be the day the second Season of the Mandalorian starts.

But LEGO set 75,318 comes in a nice box full of Baby Yoda awesomeness. A box also reminding that it is OK to give this to your offspring, at least if they’re 10+.

Unless miracles happen, this is obviously my ultimate Christmas recommendation for every parent. And if you decide to hoard it yourself, not sharing the Child with your offspring, I promise you I won’t hold it against you.

Now go swipe that card as preorder has started already. It’s only $79,99 for unknown joy of LEGO cute.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer for the second season of The Mandalorian. Because I’m nice like that and wouldn’t expect you to spend that much effort to Google it.

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Gosh, that's fast. I barely tweeted this.

The Mandalorian is quickly becoming more Star Wars to me than Star Wars.

It's definitely the best thing they've done with the franchise since they bought it.

That is super cute - and yes, very tempting