In Case You Still Needed a Facemask for Covid-19

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I get it, I get it...facemasks are not everyone’s thing and I respect that. As long as you stay miles away from me without me needing to buy a selfie-stick so I can keep your aerosols at bay.

Because unlike certain people and politicians, I find it important that we try to lower the infection rate. Besides, social distancing was cool since way before SARS-COV2.

But I’m pretty sure I found the perfect mask for every anti-mask die hard out there. Well, at least those with some degree of geek in their bones.

And it doesn’t matter whether you love hanging in a man cave or not orwhether you believe in masks working. Because this is an artisanal mask and will NOT pect you from the virus. Just like most others won’t.

But it may lower the chance of infecting others.

And, it is most definitely a guarantee that most people around you will respect your social distance. 👌

More so, despite undoubtedly being among the coolest yet covid-masks, it even only costs around $50. That’s less than Harry Potter in Lego. That’s less than The Child in LEGO.

And looks way cooler when you take it with you outside.


Any idea already? Other than that it looks like it’s made in latex, because it is.

That’s right, it’s the Face Hugger mask Xenomorph Alien.


You probably won’t have to worry about getting hugs with that mask on your face. Maybe about getting sweaty because latex, but we heard latex does float the boat of quite some people so why not latex, right.

While I noticed a lot of people on here constantly writing “not financial advise”, we think there’s sound financial advice to this announcement because there’s only mask available anymore. Or at least so claims the Etsy creator.


Trust us when we say that we searched far and wide and long — at least a whopping 7 seconds — but we couldn’t find any NFT for this otherwise totally awesome covid-19 mask.

But let’s be honest, the White House would have looked a lot better in last weeks, and been much less infectious, if everyone there wore one of these. You don’t need to have a NFT to see all gains from this face hugger mask.

Disclaimer: it is unknown to us whether the mask lays eggs. Now quickly get yours before it’s gone! Only a Godzilla mask is has probably higher geek cred at this point.

Let the FOMO GET TO YOU!!!

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