A nursing mother who looks weak is looking for food for her child

in Caturday2 months ago


I saw a cat who was breastfeeding looking for food for her kittens. I saw her weak body. I called the cat. She could only turn away but didn't make a big sound. This means that this cat is very weak and she is continuing her task of raising her kittens well. looking for food for its children, this is the view that moved me to see this cat so I took several pictures from the side of this cat and I also hope that one day I can take this time home and feed and care for it, dear friends. cats are there you are good people we always look after real animals animals like cats where he is one of the animals closest to us humans keep feeding and taking good care of fish it is part of a very big reward. Here are some pictures that I will share in the cat community of cats that I found on the street in a breastfeeding position.