Curator Cat: The First Caturday in March is Here!

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Greetings Fabulous Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia and surrounding communities!


We have arrived at the first weekend in March, and that means another edition of the Caturday update! As you probably know by now, Caturday is my favorite day of the week... although my Hoomans do a pretty good job of making us cats feel like every day is Caturday!

Whenever we reach the month of March, it always feels like spring is right around the corner. At least it seems that way, from inside the warm comfort of the house.

Dreaming of summer...

So far, we haven't seen any real evidence that this "spring" thing is true other than the days getting longer. It has been very cold and windy outside, and the Dad-Hooman was kind of grumpy this morning because our fence had had a few boards blown out by a storm, once again.

Ah, those Hoomans and their gardening projects! There's always something going on out there it seems. Maybe they should just let it all be, as it wants...

Chasing sunshine in the stairwell

I'm happy to report that our Smudge seems to be back to full health again after her little health scare a couple of weeks ago. She's back to being her usual chatty self... always having something to say about pretty much everything.

Since the hairball blockage incident, she is now eating a more high fiber diet to help pass the hairballs and occasionally she gets a little flat of oat grass to chew on as well, because the greens help.

Smudge is so FLUFFY!

Crypto Life...

We're all very happy to see that the crypto world seems to be strengthening! I am always holding my breath when something good happens because it has gotten so normal that things will go up a bit and then the bottom will fall out immediately, leaving us worse off than when we started.

I am still cautiously hopeful that this could be the beginning of that every-four-years bull market run that goes hand-in-hand with Bitcoin halving.

In the meantime, I'd be grateful to just have 50-cent Hive again!


Hiveversary Upcoming!

I am only about a week away from having kept up the Curator Cat blog here on Hive for six years! Hard to believe that it's already been that long! Seems like we started back on the "old" chain just a short while ago.

We have had cats come and cats go... even though this is still the original "Curator Cat," and it's even a possibility that there will be a "Curator Kitten" in the not too distant future! Or maybe even two!

Next Saturday will be my actual 6th anniversary which also coincides with another Caturday. How very fitting!

Computer cat!

Of course we just plan to continue building on what we've started here. This blog was originally funded by a $50 investment in SteemPower on the old chain — to give us a little voting power from the beginning — and everything else has been the result of posting cat pictures, telling stories about cats and engaging with other cat lovers!

I hope you have had a lovely Caturday and that you have a great Sunday as well, and I appreciate you stopping by our blog!




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Here's to another Six.!!

That would be awesome, thanks! And hopefully we will do just that.


So glad to hear that Smudge is now feeling alright again! I like talkative cat, so I would know what they are thinking.
Hope that spring will arrive very soon!

We are very relieved that she is well again!

Hopefully spring soon, although today we did see a few snowflakes come down.


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