Princess Luna and the couch

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Princess Luna, the couch-loving cat, ruled her comfy kingdom with a paw of iron.

One day, as she fell asleep in her royal spot, her dreams were filled with visions of endless couch cushions, soft blankets and tuna cans.

Her family members couldn't help but smile at her devotion to the couch, for it was clear that Luna was the true queen of relaxation.




She is sooo adorable. 🙂

Princess Luna is beautiful 😍

What a impressive little face, body markings of course the attitude! Princess Luna has you all conquered by the look!

@tipu curate

we are her loving subjects 100% :)

Got that right !LOLZ

Why can't you trust an atom?
Beause they make up everything.

Credit: reddit
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Praise the princess!😉


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I will take an example from her. It's good to dream about cushions hahaha.

Luna is a beautiful, cushion-worshipping lunatic cat.