Martisha's cat and tomatoes

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Hello, friends.
Another week has flown by, and what can we say about the week when winter flew by unnoticed... Today is Saturday again, and not just an ordinary Saturday, but the first Saturday of spring.

On this occasion, today Caturday I will talk about the cat Martisha. But first, a little digression. In our area, summer is short; Some garden plants, such as peppers and tomatoes, do not have time to ripen in natural conditions. But a long time ago, our ancestors came up with a way to plant the seeds of peppers and tomatoes in boxes in February, grow them at home, and in late May - early June plant them in the garden already grown. I must say that this method gives good results. In mid-July, tomatoes and peppers begin to ripen, and in August a tomato festival is held, at which the gardener who grows the largest tomato is awarded a prize - a car. In 2021, the festival presented an absolute record-breaking tomato weighing 2270 grams, which broke the 2011 record (then the winning fruit weighed 2146 grams).

Martisha's cat is a born gardener; she is ready to spend hours watching young tomatoes and peppers grow.
Moreover, the more the plants grow, the more they attract the cat Martisha.

At first, the owners were afraid that Martisha's cat might damage the delicate plants. But their worries turned out to be groundless; Martisha’s cat only looks and sometimes sniffs the tomatoes, peppers and flowers in the boxes, but does not allow herself to gnaw on them.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy A10
Location: Russia, Siberia
Friends, thank you for your attention, see you soon.
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Кошак рассаду не ест?

Не, только нюхает :))

How beautiful she is in charge of watching the plants grow 🥰

Perhaps in a past life this cat was a botanist :))
Thank you @irenenavarroart