Cat by the sea

in Caturday2 months ago

Good afternoon everyone, how are you today, I hope today is better than yesterday, of course for all of us, today I am back in this community, I want to present some pictures that I prepared a few days ago when I visited one of the edges. the beach, precisely on the edge of the sea, with friends.

We all went together because we were very happy to be able to visit one of the places on the beach, namely a tourist spot visited by many newcomers to this area. We played there and we were very happy, especially with the beach being so wide and in between. Interrupted. We were playing. We also saw several cats on the beach playing in the sand and the cats seemed to be wild cats because they were so free to play there and they approached us if we came there to ask for food. I was so happy to get it. the cat and I immediately approached the cat because I really like cats now I went to another place there was another cat who was sleeping on the bamboo there I didn't bother him because he came home with his teeth sleeping and I tried When I saw the cat, it looked like he was very tired, so I let the cat go.

In this area, the beach is very wide, lots of people come here and the cats there are very happy to play, especially since the place is very wide and the cats here run here and there, especially if they come there and visit tourist attractions. It always provides food for the cats there, especially the cats here are all stray cats so it's natural for anyone to keep giving food to the cats and we played there for a very long time, we spent almost a few hours there playing with our relatives and friends. -other friends we met there, especially in this area, it is very wide with lots of trees there and the cats were very happy, so after we were satisfied playing after taking some pictures there we had to feed ourselves to go home because it was already day towards evening, that's all from me for a little discussion, that's my post today and I'll see you again in the next post.