Cats Cats are what concerns me

in Caturday2 months ago

Happy to meet you again, fellow cat lovers, I hope you are well and stay enthusiastic.

I have three cats, I really feel sorry for the condition of my cats who are skinny, they don't seem to be eating enough or are not in good condition, indeed these cats are not from me, because these are cats that lived on the streets in the beginning, so I must keep it to restore the health of this cat



For this cat, I found that his eyes were not normal, maybe something had happened that had an effect on his eyes, but I will try to take care of his eyes, and I will try to keep this cat well and make it better.

I felt sorry after seeing this cat's eyes, because it really made me very concerned about the condition of its eyes



Starting on the way home, I heard the sound of a kitten, but I didn't know where the sound came from, and I tried to find the direction of the sound, so I found a kitten in a dirty ditch, I tried to help this kitten. and took it home to be cleaned



Then I took good care of him, out of pity, I wanted to raise him and take care of him until he grew up, in fact all my cats are all former stray cats and cats thrown away by their owners.