Catsnaps for Caturday

in Caturday2 months ago


The queen of my bedroom is being very lazy lying in the sunshine streaming through the window.


I love how she always lays with her front paws crossed.


And as always, I get that famous look of hers that tells me I am bothering her solitude. -^..^-


Happy Caturday!

Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing Your Day

3- sun smile.jpg


very cute cat.
elegant pose as well. : )

Thank you very much!

She looks so elegant on her flurry coat! She looks so contented on that spot. Lucky kitty!

She is very content as long as I leave her alone to rule my bed. lol

Cuddly bundle of cat, front paws crossed, real lady!

Hahaha, she is only cuddly when she wants it! Otherwise, get away human. lol

Cats are very much on demand, unlike dogs who simply want love all day long.....

This cat looks so cute in that relaxing pose 😀

Thanks, she is a cutie.