#Beersaturday beer quiz - Robin Hood Beer Festival Special!!

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It’s that time of year again when Nottingham comes together to celebrate its love for beer!

The Robin Hood beer festival is in town this weekend and I have the pleasure of enjoying my #beersaturday in attendance of the UK’s finest beers!

To honour this brilliant event I have concentrated this weeks questions on the subject of the Robin Hood Beer Festival. So please enjoy this weeks quiz and give yourself a chance to win 5 Hive and the title of Brewmaster General.


It's time to get our quiz on!

Them's the Rules

As is now the rule, the person with the most correct answers will be rewarded with 5 Hive and the title of Brewmaster General.
You only get one attempt to submit your answers and any ninja edits will be disqualified. Answers will be scored on the following Friday to this post. If more than 2 participants answer all 10 questions correctly, the victory will be awarded to the person who entered their answers the soonest.
Please submit your answers in the comment section of this post.


Question 1

Name the venue at which this years Robin Hood Beer Festival is being held?

Answer - Trent Bridge Cricket Ground

Question 2

How many different beers are on offer at the beer festival?

Answer - 800

Question 3

There will be a Stout on sale, named “Grounds for divorce”, which carries an ABV of 23%!! Name the brewery offering this hefty beast.

Answer - Navigation

Question 4

Name 5 breweries attending this years festival

Answer - Black Iris. Bang The Elephant. Blue Monkey. Totally Brewed. Liquid Light. Navigation. Brew York. Shipstones. And many more.

Question 5 - picture quiz

Name the 4 Nottingham breweries by their labels
1 point for each correct brewery


Answer - Black Iris. Neon Raptor. Castle Rock. Liquid Light

Question 6

How many visitors are expected to attend this years beer festival?

Answer - 14,000

Question 7

Nottingham brewery, Totally Brewed, have created a limited edition beer for this years festival. Can you name the beer?

Answer - Fruitinising with the enemy

Question 8

Whats the name of the organisation that put on the Robin Hood beer festival every year?

Answer - CAMRA

Question 9

What does CAMRA stand for?

Answer - Campaign For Real Ale

Question 10

Before being held at Trent Bridge Cricket ground, where used to be the regular venue for the Robin Hood Beer Festival?

Answer - Nottingham Castle

That's all folks!

Before I go, I would just like to remind anyone who has stumbled upon this post that the #beersaturday community is just a click away. Please pop over and join the gang as we share our love for this wonderful drink. @detlev posts a weekly beer-related competition for anyone to join. You'll also find lots more entertainment within that post, like my quiz! So come and join the fun!!

All hail the ale!!!


Question #1: Sherwood Forest
Question #2: One, the Friar Tuck Tripel
Question #3: No clue but it has something to do with Red Scarlett and Maid Marion (nasty rumors)
Question #4: Trick question because the Sheriff of Nottingham owns them all on behalf of King John (boo!)
Question #5: Red Scarlett Brewing, Locksley Brewing, Friar Tuck Brewing, Sheriff's Brewing and Eleanor's Beer house
Question #6: Another trick question as most "visitors" end up in dungeon
Question #7: Runnymede or is that "runny mead"?
Question #8: Magna Carta
Question #9: I think it is spelled Cymru which is the proper name of the Welsh, which oddly means foreigners in Olde English?????
Question #10: They moved it? No wonder the forest is empty and I am the only merry man in the woods.

This is my story and I am sticking to it!

Haha! A brilliant set of answers and if your answer 9 is true that makes it even better 🤣🤣 Have a BEER! for your efforts

How many pints have you had? lol great work


Thank you very much 🙂

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