Beersaturday Quiz is Back! Italian Style…5 Hive to be won!!

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Ciao my friends! Today’s quiz is coming at you from the sunny shores of Tropea, Italy, where I am enjoying a wonderful family holiday.

In-keeping with my luxurious location, todays #beersaturday quiz will have an authentic Italian theme to it. Forza!

Question 1

Ichnusa is one of many great Italian beers, but which town does this beer originate from?

Question 2

Worldwide, which Italian beer is the countries best seller?

Question 3

Until recently, Birra Moretti was a well established and authentic Italian beer. Can you tell me the name of the company that purchased Birra Moretti and consequently removed its prestigious title as an authentic Italian beer?

Question 4

Peroni has an export brand named Nastro Azzurro. What does “Nastro Azzurro” mean and why was the beer given this name?

Question 5

Who is the founder of Peroni and what year did this excellent beer come about?

Question 6

image source

Ichnusa beer has a very distinctive label on their bottles. Can you tell me what the image is and it’s meaning?

Question 7


At the time of writing this post I am enjoying a very nice, very malty beer, named “Fraddacala”. What region of Italy does this beer come from?

Question 8

Forst is one of Italy’s oldest brews. What year was this company founded?

Question 9

Organised by Cronache di Birra, Italy’s beer week festival is back from the virtual world to host its first in-person event post covid. Can you tell me the date of this years beer festival?

Question 10

According to Hermes Zampollo, what is the name of Italy’s oldest brewery and what year did it begin?

I hope these Italian themed questions have your brain twisted like a bowl of tagliatelle! I look forward to your answers and remember that you only get one chance per week to answer all ten questions. Ten correct answers will earn you the title of Brewmaster General and earn you 5 Hive! If nobody answers all ten question by the time this post pays out, the quiz and the prize will rollover.

Good luck! And happy #beersaturday from Italy! Ciao!!


1 . Assemini

2 . Peroni Nastro Azzurro

3 . Heineken

4 . Means Blue Ribbon. It owes its name to a tribute to the Italian liner Rex who in 1933 won the Nastro Azzurro award.

5 . Founded in 1846 by Francesco Peroni

6 . the crown of Aragon was present for hundreds of years in much of the Mediterranean, and of course in several areas of present-day Italy, including Sardinia, one of its most important islands, the Cross of Alcoraz as it is called the heraldic emblem consisting of the Cross of St. George forms the flag of Sardinia and the beer from the island of Ichnusa, very popular throughout the south of the country, carries in its logo the flag of the region where it is produced.

The flag of Sardinia, popularly known as sos bator moros or is cuatru morus ("the four Moors" in Sardinian), is the official flag of the autonomous region of Sardinia. The flag consists of a red cross on a white background with a Moor's head in each corner of the cross.

7 . Vibo Valentia, Calabria Italy

8 . The brewery was founded in 1857

9 . March 21 - March 27

10 . The first brewery in Italy, according to Hermes Zampollo, was Spluga in Chiavenna, which opened in 1840

As I'm on holiday and in a fantastic mood, I will give you one chance to take another look at question 1 so you can revise your answer 🥸

Thank you very much ! You are a great person ! I have already corrected the answer, take a look at it if you can ! Keep up the good mood ! Cheers !


Congratulations! @ohnoesnelson, you are this week’s Brewmaster general! Bravo 🎉

5 Hive will be on its way to you soon 🤑

At last I have succeeded! Thank you very much, master of the brewing questions! I hope your holidays are still going well! Cheers! 🍻

I doth my cap to you, good sir. It was a valiant victory at last 🫅 let’s see if you can retain your title…

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