A dark one of my choice - Kozel

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In the Restaurant "U Dvou Srdci" ( At Two Hearts) , across from the "Mšstský park Praha" wall on the Malá strana in Prague, we stopped by for dinner.
We decided on a phenomenal soup in a bun, a specialty in Prague (and some beer🍺).
In that restaurant we ate the most delicious soup in a bun.
The ambiance of the restaurant, which is located in a building from 1358, is beautiful.

Even 6,5 centuries of history in the walls, and I'm thinking about which beer to drink 😀

As I had never before (or at least not that I remember), drank dark beer, on the waiter's recommendation for a slightly weaker beer, I ordered a pint of dark Kozel beer.

I liked the small percentage of alcohol (only 3.8%) because I already drank alcohol during the day, so I don't overdo it 😀

Dark Kozel beer is light and drinkable, smells of caramel, malt, and has light toasted notes. The taste is similar to caramel with fine notes of hops that balance its bitterness.
Although Kozel Dark is lighter than other dark beers (it has a dark ruby red color), it still belongs to the category of dark beers.

Ever since I came back from Prague, this beer has always been in my fridge, and I like to drink it when I want to refresh myself with a light, sweet drink, without the risk of getting drunk.

I like it best when I find a glass bottle, but a can is also acceptable...


looks like you enjoyed it a lot....

cheers and a !BEER

Cheers 🍻