A Trophy for Liverpool

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My entry to the #BeerSaturday, by @detlev is the Trophy Beer. The Trophy Stout was purposely picked for the win of the Liverpool team this awesome Sunday to remember.

The Trophy stout is new to me as a friend introduced it to me and I love the taste. I would be honest, the taste is kind of unique and it is something I would take again. One thing about the design of the label is that it stands out. In the midst of other Beers it looks like the real trophy.

It is a wonderful day for the Team that never walks alone, the team, the couching crew, the medical team and all fans across the world will be celebrating the Carabao Cup win. The match which I expected to have a winner within the 90 minutes of play ended up with Chelsea 0: Liverpool 0 after a very entertaining ninety minutes of play. The wonderful and winning goal came in in the extra time of play. The match was so entertaining.

After the win I decided to pick the Beer that will go well with the celebration, a beer that can symbolize celebration as well as mark significance so I picked the Trophy Stout to celebrate and to mark a winning Sunday. This is the first trophy for team Liverpool this 2023/ 2024 season. My Trophy for the day too is a significant for the Sunday.

All photographs are mine
All photographs was taken using my Samsung A24.

Thank you all
Congratulations to all Liverpool Fans and team across the globe


I like the concept, trophy to celebrate the trophy, lol.

It is actually a perfect timing concept

Thanks for stopping my

Yay! 🤗
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Trophy! Very fitting for a celebration. 🍻

.5% alcohol is quite heavy 😉