The Dark King

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It is another beautiful Saturday, to share my #BeerSaturday experience with @detlev and the entire family of this awesome community. Every weekend comes with its own experience in diverse ways. There has not been any weekend that has the same entire experience no matter how similar. Anticipating the #BeerSaturday from Thursday is one thing I always do. It is how wonderful this community has been. Despite sharing the wonderful experience that the #beersaturday brings, it is very important to note that this community frowns at:

  1. Drinking and driving: If you must drink don't drive, if you must drive don't drink

  2. Drinking to stupor: Never attempt to get high on alcohol whatsoever. Know your limit and respect yourself. You have a family do not embarrass them.

The Turbo King Ale is what I chose to for this week, it is a popular brand name in the Beer market. No one who takes dark beer will not have had to take Turbo. As every brand come into the market with their unique taste. Turbo king did well in making their own taste recongnizable. The taste is calm and suitable for any weather condition. You will agree with me that Beer is better served chilled but Turbo King can be take even if it is slightly cold. The taste actually gets better according as the temperature reduces.

The shape of the bottle itself is well carved and looks very much ancient, this shape is really amazing to be candid. The name again is another cool thing about it. I will not deny the fact that the name is captivating. Despite it is a marketing strategy. The fact that the taste is better than other dark beers at different temperature makes the name King worth it.


Cheers 🍻!BEER

 2 months ago  

Hey @pazartesi, here is a little bit of BEER from @michaelreischer for you. Enjoy it!

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Turbo King, a very nice beer, though it's kinda harsh for me, so I take it occasionally.

Yay! 🤗
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