The Stout I Trust

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The Guinness Stout has been in the market for over 50 Years in Nigeria. It has been the leading stout beer for many years until recently when some other brands started brewing Stout flavors. Yet the unique taste of the Guinness stout still remains unbeatable. The alcohol content is moderate and convenient for both the male as well as the female gender. Ever since I tasted this beer back 2012, it has been my choice of stout.

After taking two bottles of my Guinness stout for the #Beersaturday by @detlev, I decided to have a view of some amazing buildings within my vicinity. I had the chance of getting into a video call with some old friends. What we basically discussed was amazing but I can pick some funny quotes from our discussion. I might just call it a quote or a saying. "The cost of living wants to kill the living". Another one was "Responsibility want to kill the responsible, the irresponsible does not know what God has done for them". They were just sayings that made the whole conversation lively.

I honestly cannot deny the fact that I love houses that has at least five storey buildings and to be honest I love living at the top most part of the building. Once one can stay at that top it is very easy to have a view of the whole or should I say the entire community. I love tall buildings, especially the ones with a penthouse. Living at the top is fun though.


Try any local craft beer (that means not an industrial one) if you have a chance. The difference in taste would strike you ;)

Yay! 🤗
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