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Some time ago, in my posts about Duvel, which I’ve been posting in other editions of #BeerSaturday, I’ve been telling you about how I visited my grandparents and drunk either Westmalle or Duvel matured or not matured beers…

In October I’ve been in Belgium to visit my grandfather for a last time (during a nice afternoon at my aunt’s place) and for a very last time at the home where he has been staying the last 3-4 years of his life. He got diagnosed an infection in his foot, which was not curable and which – together with his dementia - would be the end of story for him.

So during this very last visit I decided to take him out to the cafetaria and have a last beer with him. I preferred to try something we hadn’t been trying before together (he had of course) because it’s something quite new. The name of this beer is “engelken” which means something like “little angel”. I considered this suitable to honour him here on Hive after he would have passed away (16th December 2022)

Engelken is brewed by “De Brouwbende” some friends from Berlare, the village where I come from and where my grandfather lived about 70 from his 91 years. The beer is named after one of the 5 breweries active in Berlare till 1930 (“Den Engel”)

Was it just the magic of the moment that I wanted to succeed 100% because of the unique chance and occasion which would never come back that made this beer tasting so special and exceptionally good? (I don’t know… and I’ll tell you when during my next visit in Belgium I’ll try another Engelken if it weren’t like this). Or was it the time in the afternoon which I generally don’t taste beers at?

Fact is that THIS Engelken with this beautiful golden colour and this great foam tasted like “a little angel pissing on my tongue” like my grandparents used to tell when drinking something of exceptional quality (generally speaking certain champagnes or matured wines). Very well balanced beer, a bit fruity, not bitter, great aftertaste. The alcohol volume of 8,5% is just perfect: giving body to the beer without over-alcoholising it.

Conclusion: I absolutely will try Engelken again during on of my next visits to Belgium. I didn’t when I was over there for the funeral around Christmas but I probably will go back around Eastern!

I'd like to end this post with our lasts sip together (RIP):


That beer will take a very special place in your heart now. Celebrate the memory with a toast every time.

I absolutely will. Thank you for passing, commenting and upvoting !LUV

It's great that you were able to share this experience with your grandfather. And a beer from your own village too, that makes it extra special!

Indeed that was a very special day for me where everything felt in its place. It's damn hard when you know it's the last time you're going to see someone you !love #alive and the other person doesn't know or doesn't realize. This happened to me for the second time, now 16 years after my mother's dead. It's something very strange and I know now (after 16 years) that it's something which one wouldn't forget forget (even holds close) for the rest of his life...

Hey @svanbo the other day when I was browsing for beer, I found duvel in my country and reminded me of you. I really look forward trying it and tell you what I think about 😁. That sounds like a lovely meeting that you have with your grandfather.

Duvel is a good try and taste

Definitely do tell me what you think about it. Which country you're in?
Thanks for the curation! !LUV

That was indeed a very important and meaningful meeting for me; and I think as well for him. He had dementia for about 2 years and never referred to or talked about my mother (who died 16 years ago); but when we entered in his room, he pointed to her picture and told me "this is my daughter". I still get the tears in my eyes when I think about that moment... This means my visit triggered something very deep and really mattered. !CTP

Wow, thank you so much for sharing this very special moment with your grandfather (and the heavenly beer!)! It's beautiful that you could say good bye with so much gratitude and happiness! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

Well... the happiness wasn't really there and it reminded me so much to 16 years ago when my mother died... It's really terrible to say good bye to somebody you love, knowing that it's the last time you're going to see him / her alive and that person not knowing this.... Thanks for passing, commenting and upvoting !PIZZA

I definitely understand that. Yes, saying 'good bye' like that is never an easy thing. Certainly! I truly do feel for your loss. 😁🙏💚✨🤙

Sorry to read about your grandfather's passing. My deepest sympathies to your family. It's good you were able to spend a beer bonding moment with him. You've captured the moment really well.
Have a nice week ahead!

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Thank you for passing, your kind words and the Alive!
It was something I really wanted to do, even after that we had this kind of "goodbye party" at my aunts house two days before. These are moments that I'll never forget. !BBH

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It's really wonderful and amazing that you had the opportunity to shares these last moments with your grandfather, and with delicious beer too! Thank you very much for sharing this! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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This Engelken, it is only found in Belgium? As you have mentioned several times that you would try it again on your next visit to Belgium.

Thanks for sharing your memory with us.


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I don't believe it would be exported indeed. It's a very small local brewery producing it...
They might ship it on special request, but shipping beers is expensive and I'll take the opportunity to grab some when I'll be travelling to Belgium by car.
Thanks for passing, upvoting and commenting. Here's some !PIZZA for you :-)

Good that you've been able to share these last moments !LUV !LOLZ

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