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Polish beer for #BeerSaturday

I’ve been reading quite some good reviews here about Polish beers, so now that I’ve been in Poland I really needed to try some… At least that was my idea before my trip to Torun, Poland when participating in the cross country race of the Masters Athletics World Championships Indoors.

I should have considered that at least the day before the race (Sunday) I wouldn’t drink alcohol and on race day I would like some wine with my dinner… And leaving already on Tuesday, left me with only one opportunity when arriving on Saturday evening after an approximately 15hours trip…

Not that I got a big choice in a gas station, close to my first destination. And I should have known that in general gas stations are not the best places to buy drinks if one would like to have something with decent quality. This turned out to be nothing different in Poland.

I’ve chosen for Kasztelan with a 5,6% alcohol getting in the higher range for Pils beers.
Unfortunately this did not result in more or better taste than a general lager, well on the contrary: What I got was a tasteless beer with a bad aftertaste. The colour wasn’t bad and there was a nice foam topping the glass when I poured it from the can. Unfortunately that was the only good thing there was to tell about it, cause drinking it from the glass didn’t add anything positive to the taste and drinking it cold and from the can didn’t cover anything negative.

At least I know already what not to drink at my next trip to Poland.

Interesting fact: I’ve learnt that in Poland we can’t drink absolutely no alcohol when driving (not even 1-2 glasses of beer/wine when going out for dinner); I wonder if this rule is followed that stricty; because all Polish peope I’ve met in the past like drinking alcohol. Some lots of it… and what else people would drink with their meal?

@detlev This time I really placed the #BeerSaturday everywhere I could, so I hope this time finally I meet all conditions for the contest?...


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Good to see your take on the polish beer, guess you enjoy taking it mate.

Good luck in the contest

oh and about the Polish !BEER I didn't enjoy it unfortunately, but I really want to find all these good Polish beers people are commenting here ;-)

Thanks mate, the contest was great, great organization, super kind Polish people, and beyond expectations a bronze medal :-) !love it

Cheer's 🍻🍻🍻

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Hey @peniel2010, here is a little bit of BEER from @svanbo for you. Enjoy it!

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Cheers! I'd been to Poland a few weeks ago and I have now a bunch of Polish beers. They will be presented here soon :)

Looking forward to it !PIZZA

Nice post and lovely beer....

I guess all requirements are there, but let's see what the beer bot will say on friday

Thanks for your answer and thanks for the kind upvote !LUV

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