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Time flies and it looks like it has been 3 weeks again since I’ve been posting another Beer review in #BeerSaturday!! But here comes the next one in the series from the giant Beer Basket my father got gifted by my brother.
Previously I’ve been reviewing Muurken, Boterham, and Ghulden Cop, now it’s time for Abattoir.

Literally Abattoir means “Slaughterhouse” and this beer has been named to the slaughterhouse from Viane, a village close to Geraardsbergen. It was the only slaghterhouse in the surroundings, owned by the family De Roeck since the time it has been built in 1948. The Young generation De Roeck is now brewing this beer and likes to refer to this place with the name, the export stamp (78) and the cow on the label. Pretty original.

Cool as well is that they suggest with which part of the cow the beer can be appreciated, even with a drawing of where de “Cote à l’os” can be found in the cow. I mean cool for me coming from a butcher family, maybe you guys don’t find it that cool.

Anyway… The beer itself. Like most of the beers in this range, I’ve tried as well this beer from a Leffe glass, to be sure no secondary smells or tastes would escape me and to get a more equal appreciation of the different microbrewed beers from this región.

Differently from the Ghulden Cop which i’ve been reviewing last time, this is a well balanced beer with no exaggerated bitterness and a fair after taste. 6,7% alcohol seems perfect to me for this beer, it didn’t have an alcoholised smell or taste. Dark Blond like the Ghulden Cop, but no pronounced yeast taste. A nice, thick, white foam for me could have been staying a bit longer in the glass, so I’d add a little bit more carbonisation, but that is really only a detail for this more than correct beer.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t go and look for this beer, but I would drink it again, and now that I know the story behind it, I’d be eager to tell it to people if we’d be finding it in some bar.


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Feels like only yesterday your reviewed a beer! This one is a nice one too. Looking forward to your next review.

Thank you for your kind lines and upvote(s)! !LUV

Would have been a nice family beer ! LUV !LOLZ

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Hey my beery friend, think about using the #BeerSaturday tag....


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