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After 2 weeks of absence, I’m back for #BeerSaturday. Thanks to the 2 Bank Holidays this week, I could stay at home last Thursday and finish two blogs: one for next week’s #BeerSaturday and one for this week.

I took my notes together and restructured my text. Fortunately I had this prepared during my flight back from Belgium, because after over a month now, I definitely wouldn’t have been remembering too many details about this specific and interesting beer.

Today I’ll talk about “Boterham”, let’s call it “Sandwich” in English because there’s no correct translation for it. “Loaf a bread” would come closest, but will not have the same background or connotation. German speakers will understand me when I tell them that the correct translation of Boterham is “Butterbrot”.

In some dialect and in some slang a beer would be called a “glazen boterham” or a “glass loaf of bread” referring to the fact that from a good beer one could be eating and drinking at the same time… I guess the name of this beer could come from this expression, but I could be wrong. I didn’t find any referral to it on the website

The beer comes just like “Muurken” from Geraardsbergen; people who have been reading my blog about “Muurken” could guess that also this one comes from the basket my brother gifted to my father. In this case we’re tasting again an artisanal beer, this time not produced by 3 friends, but from a father and son. And unlike the three friends, who had a completely different backgorund (one is a secondary school teacher) these guys are bio-engineers, so they’re more connected with beer making on a profesional level, or do I better say they have a profesional or cientific background?...

Anyway the result is in my opinion better than the result of “Muurken”. We get here a very well balanced beer, with a thick and persisting foam. 6 degrees of alcohol for me isn’t really eating and drinking, but suprisingly (?) it does have a complex structure and “round”• taste. At the same time the beer smells and tastes fruity. The website is speaking from litchee, citrus and apple aromas in the nose and apple and pepper in the mouth. They must have a more delicate nose than I have, but i agree with the taste and I could find a lot more tastes in it as well. Unbelievable how a beer which such low alohol level could taste so complete and complex!

I took a Leffe glass for tasting and the beer was smelling and tasting so good, that I didn’t change it or didn’t try any other one. Look as well how beautiful is the presentation after just normal pouring! It’s like in a folder! I definitely won’t hesitate to take another “Boterham” if there’s one available at my next visit to my father.


sometimes you look for a cold drink. A beer like in your photo solves everything

That's right and what's more, when a beer like on the picture has a specific taste, one can enjoy it even more than just being a thirst lesser! Thanks for passing, upvoting and commenting! Here's a slice of !PIZZA for you!

As a Dutchman, I would say that it literally translates to butter ham but, then again, a 'boterham' has nothing to do with ham. I used to joke though, as a kid, that 'een dubbele boterham' ( double sandwich ) would be a boterham with butter and ham ) ;^)

This beer looks and sounds very good. Hope to be able to try it out, one day.

Thanks for passing, commenting and upvoting! Here's some !PIZZA for you
To try the beer I think you'll have to make your way to Geraardsbergen since it's a very local beer

I live in Portugal since 2018 but I'm sure I'll find a way ;^)


Where do you live in Portugal? I've been spending a winter in the Algarve (Praia da Rocha) some years ago.

I have spent the last 4 and a half years in the Coimbra area, half an hour by car from the Serra da Estrela,
pretty much in the countryside.

A specific reason to choose that particular area? !BBH

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My twin sister, who has a Portugese partner , and her kids ( my niece and nephew ) moved here, too, in 2018.

Have some !PIZZA

I'm living in Spain (Mallorca) but also coming to Belgium from time to time.... !LOL

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