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#BeerSaturday on a late Sunday evening at the first day of 2023...

I’ve been wondering if I’d write a review about this beer cause it wasn’t really worth drinking it. Actually that’s not the right way to say it: EVERY beer is worth trying it at least once. Some maybe aren’t worth to drink completely. Maybe I could categorize Ghulden Cop in this category, but since I’m radically against wasting food and drinks, I drunk it completely anyway You never know if I’d change my opinion after a few sips, right?

Even though the label started quite promising: a local craft from Geraardsbergen. People who are reading my beer posts know about the basket with beers my brother gave to my father as a present some time ago (yes indeed, there are STILL beers left) all local beers from the area where my brother lives. On this label you can see Manneken Pis, famous statue in Brussels, but at the same time claimed by the people from Geraardsbergen. The legend tells that when Brussels was in flames in the 12th or 13th century , a small boy came and pissed out the flames. In Geraardsbergen people say that their Manneken Pis would be older, even though there are documents talking about a similar statue in Brussels that are older than the firs mentions of Manneken Pis in Geraardsbergen. Both statues were manufactured by artists from Brussels.

So when there’s not too much to tell about the beer, a little bit culture and history isn’t that bad in this blog in my opinion, but let’s go back to the beer anyway. Ghulden Cop is a dark blond not completely filtered beer (will continue to yeast after botteling), which is for me a good start. It didn’t smell excessively but that could have been due to the cold I was suffering at the time of tasting. 6% alcohol is perfect as well, as well as the nice thick foam so I don’t understand how the brewers could still mess up the beer like this.

The bitter taste probably came from kind of hops that have been used and somehow the beer tasted too much to alcohol. Short: a bitter blond beer, a lot of alcohol in the mouth, only hop and yeast as a recognizable taste and a bitter after taste: not a beer for my taste.

Up to the next one!


It seems like beer in your country has higher alcohol content because in Indonesia, in stores I can only find 5% as the highest alcohol content. I hope you will taste more beer this year, a better one compared to this!

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I like to try beers and wines, so definitely I'll try a couple more this year...
The biggest problem is to find the time to review them....
Belgium is quite famous for its (craft) beers. It might be that Indonesia only has got Lager beers (Pils/Pilsner). In this case I can say that you're missing a lot. A Lager for me is just a Lager if you know what i mean, There's not such a big variety like you can find in craft beers. (wherever they came from - someone here referred me to this German producing craft beers in Portugal - beautiful!

I have the same problem! the biggest one is finding the time to review them. Since you mention wine, what would you recommend me try?

Do you want me to recommend a wine? Without nothing about you, what you're having access to in Indonesia, what you've been drinking already and the occasion you want to try a wine for/with that's quite impossible...
So if you can be a little bit more specific, I'm more than happy to help you on hte way. !BBH

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Cheers! Hope the next one will be better! 😎🍻

Thanks mate, and if it isn't so be it. It's good to try !BEERs

Yay! 🤗
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A bad beer every now and than... !LUV !LOLZ

Indeed, like this one can appreciate better the good ones! !wine !LOL !LUV

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@detlev: did I miss it or wasn't there such a post this week where we need to "confirm" our participation in the #BeerSaturday contest of this week (mentioning Beer, link and picture again)?

Enjoy 😊

maybe drinking straight after a long run or workout might have made it taste better. lol

It's an idea, but not a good one I'm afraid !LOL
All in all !BEER and other alcoholic beverages don't taste me after a long or intensive run....

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