Tasty Traditional Sky-Beer with my friend

in BEERlast year

After a long day at the office, I met up with my friend at the sky-beer shop. We ordered our favorite drink and some side dishes to enjoy with it. The fire fish and slabs were a perfect complement to the cold, refreshing sky-beer.

As we sipped our drinks and savored the delicious food, we began discussing our dreams and aspirations. My friend talked about his desire to travel the world and experience different cultures. He dreamed of becoming a travel writer, sharing his adventures with others and inspiring them to explore the world.

I, on the other hand, spoke about my passion for music and how I hoped to one day become a professional musician. We talked about the challenges of pursuing our dreams and the sacrifices we would have to make along the way. But despite the obstacles, we both agreed that it was important to follow our hearts and pursue what we truly love.

As we finished our drinks and paid the bill, we felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that we had taken the time to unwind and talk about our goals and aspirations. We parted ways, each with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to chase our dreams.

And although the bill for our evening at the sky-beer shop came to 9500 kyats, we both agreed that the experience was priceless. For in that moment, we had shared our dreams and supported each other on our journey to make them a reality.



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Moments like that, together with special friends, are to be treasured. How nice to have someone who understands and shares your desire to pursue those dreams.

I'm intrigued by the drink, is sky-beer the brand of beer or any specific preparation?
Do they serve the beer from that fountain? haha forgive my ignorance but I was surprised to see it.