NFT Lecture Part.3- Social Networking and NFT:

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In the next step, I will introduce a brand new social network on TON that is entirely tailored to NFT:

It is still in beta stage, but already shows its full functionality.

My profile page at

The homepage is very tidy and clear: I can blog from it just as I do here at PeakD and get upvotes and TNX Rewards for it, Tonex's own token on TON. TNX is also already listed on Coinmarketcap and is currently at around 3ct.

Everything I write here appears in the Pulse Feed of Tonex, against payment of a few TNX I can push myself further up in the ranking and thereby gain more readership. This is a good way to start promoting a new project.

In the tab at the top you can see each user's transactions, then all their NFTs and collections, and finally their projects.

I can mine any image at any time and only pay the transaction fees. The NFT then automatically appears on other platforms like

With another click I can release it for sale. Then a separate sales contract address is created for each NFT. The sale (direct sale or auction) is then handled fully automatically via the contract without me having to do anything else.

Soon there will also be a DEX (according to the CEO this year) where I can exchange and pool TNX and TON.

My NFTs mined and purchased on are displayed in the Tonkeeper Wallet right below the tokens and the LP positions. I can also transfer them from here to any other TON Wallet, as long as they are not for sale. First of all, I mined my avatars and profile pictures that I use on social networks]().

And now it gets interesting for creatives

Because now you can create a project here, which is like founding a community here on Hive or creating a telegram group.

The special thing about it: I can set up the group in such a way that the participant has to buy one of the NFTs offered for sale! The NFT is the entrance ticket to the club and only here the participant gets the exclusive information, e.g. when and what is minted or other deeper information that you can't get anywhere else.

Via the chat function I can start a discussion about every single NFT or ask questions about it]().

So we see, the platform is completely tailored to NFT and I see things in such a way that in the near future probably no sensible artist will put his art on the net in the social network without protecting it with a Smart Contract, which is what an NFT does.

Anything else would just be reckless, foolish and also shows an unprofessional attitude.

Summary and outlook is a brand new social networking platform built on one of today's most advanced blockchains, tailored directly for NFT.

NFT collectors and artists should definitely check out the platform.

At the moment, the majority of the language is still Russian, for which I recommend the Deepl translator, but that could change soon if a German/English community grows.

The Tonex CEO, with whom I am in direct contact in the Telegram chat, also confirms that nothing stands in the way of this.

And we have the great fortune to still be at the very beginning, to build up the community from the very bottom and to get information on technical details directly from the developers of the platform.

If you want to join, just follow this link and get your account. You can join with Telegram, Tonkeeper or Tonhub.

More information about the new community will follow soon.