Unveiling the Chapters of My Life

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Hello and good day, everyone! My name is Rosa Mae C. Retubado, and I am excited to share with you about myself. I am 17 years old, turning 18 in August. I was born and raised in Umapad, Mandaue City. First child and the eldest grandchild of the family, with seven younger siblings.



Following are my younger brothers and sisters, namely: Jhun Mar, Mario Jr., Marlyn, Mark, Maxrill, Maxpein, and Rovelyn. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture with Marlyn.


When I started to study at Elementary, I was moved to Bogo City because my grandparents are there and both my parents are working at that time.


And when I was in 3rd grade, My auntie made me transfer to the city because she was going to let me live with them (with her son-Elizir) so I stayed there for a long time until I was in junior high.


When I was in 8th grade, my mom made me transfer to Naga because they are residing in City of Naga, Cebu. As of now, I currently reside with my family in City of Naga, Cebu.


I engage in a variety of enjoyable and relaxing activities in my own leisure time. Just like buying what I want, wandering in cities with my grandma, visiting our province, and going to the beach.


Watching anime helps me feel better because it immerses me in compelling narratives and colorful animations. Most of it, you can see that it's just screenshots of what I read and watched because I only use my cellphone.

Another of my favorite things to do is read novels and comic books, as they let me explore a variety of their own tales and I can escape from reality into other fantasy stories.



And, of course, I treasure my downtime, relishing the small joys of sleeping (please don't mind my super thin hair, that's my natural hair HAHAHAHAHA) and, lastly, eating the foods I want.

These activities not only provide entertainment for me but also serve as a delightful escape from the demands of daily life.

Because of my passion for reading novels, I became interested in trying blogging because blogging is about what you're interested in or what you'd like to write in a blog. I also like to learn to blog, but it's based on myself and somehow on my experiences in life.

But I know that I am not very good at composing words, so I will do my best to try as much as I can. Also, to learn more about how to write a blog, I'm looking for ways to improve myself.


I can contribute to Hive in multiple ways, starting with active participation in discussions and conversations within the community.

And I can contribute to this community because I am willing to learn and gain your trust, as I will listen and follow the rules and regulations of this platform. I can share knowledge, ideas, and insights by having meaningful conversations, which promotes teamwork.

Furthermore, I can support others by providing assistance and guidance, especially to newcomers seeking to navigate and understand Hive. Through my regular constructive contributions to the community, I hope to develop a sense of growth and unity within Hive, a platform that depends on the knowledge and cooperation of all members.

I did not know that this platform existed until (Ma'am @Chimegipamus introduced me to it, which is Hive. Ma'am @Chimegipamus explained briefly about the hive and what the benefits are if you join blogging.



Also during our orientation, Sir @intoy.bugoy elaborated more on what should be done in the hive community, and he also explained that it is a different platform.


Sir @intoy.bugoy explained well to us about the hive community, and they also let us play a game about the orientation that they've discussed with us.


Let's keep in mind to acknowledge and encourage one another's accomplishments as well as to get through difficult times as we explore, learn, and develop together. Our passion and common experiences are what make our community strong.



So, let's keep the conversation going, continue to inspire each other with a smile of hope, and look forward to what the future holds. Never forget that every little bit counts and shapes our community.

Thank you for reading my introduction and my first ever blog. Until next time, stay curious, stay inspired, and keep creating!


Welcome aboard @dark.rose, happy to finally see you inside the platform after our orientation. You have a lot of interesting personality and interest. I m excited to read more on your future blogs about your life stories.

Have fun and explore the community. See you around.

Thank you for the warm welcome sir, I appreciate it.

Hello, @dark.rose! Welcome to Hive Blockchain!
I feel happy for you that you can finally live with your mom. Well, reading is the most important to make you improve anything :) Here, you can share around your passion-topics. even you can post about your daily moments/works on Daily Blog Community, or about your family moments on Family & Friends Community.

Then, you can explore more communities that are suitable for your content and supported by OCD HERE

For tips and information as a Hive newbie, click here: newbie guide.

The important thing is Hive is a bit different from other social media platforms since you are monetizing your blog. You can't include content that you don't own without sources. For more information, check this post: Why and How People Abuse and Plagiarise.

If you have questions or concerns, you can hop into OCD's Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions.

I'm @anggreklestari from the @OCD team.
Have a great day!

Welcome to Hive @dark.rose ! So happy to see the beautiful faces of those who joined the onboarding orientation held at Naga. We travelled miles just to be there and all hardwork has been paid off. Welcome to Hive! Once again, and for sure, you will enjoy it here. I love the fact that you mentioned taking a nap is one of your most favorite hobbies, I certainly relate to that and back then when I had no work I used to do it all the time. Now, getting a nap seems to be a luxury for me already. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs and adventures! Welcome aboard!☺︎♡

Thank you @heyutsjian, Let's work hard to our blogs!❤

Welcome to Hive! ☺️

Thank you!

Welcome to the world of Hive, @dark.rose ! Thank you for sharing your introduction and your first blog with us.

Thankyou, hope you like my first blog😊

Welcome to hive maam,i hope you would enjoy being in here,see you around!💖🎀

I enjoy reading blogs in here, Thankyou😊

Congrats lang🤘, You look lovely as ever....ehee🫶

Jejemon, anyways thanks

Welcome to the community- hope you have a fun stay.


Welcome @dark.rose to the journey of hive, i wish you best luck for your new chapter of your life.... it is nice to know about you and your journey of life since childhood.... may new make news friends here and enjoy in the hive platform...

Thankyou so much❤

eyy welcomeeee rosaa mae

Thankyou ding

Welcome to hive maam. Enjoy your journey here!


My warmest welcome to the Hive community, @dark.rose !

Thankyou so much😊

Hi, Rosa Mae! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the fam and enjoy your stay :)

Thankyou, nice to meet you too!

Welcome to Hive @dark.rose, geehhh you're an otaku and reader also, looking forward to interact with you here in Hive. See you around (⁠ㆁ⁠ω⁠ㆁ⁠).

Omg you're also otaku? That's nice, we can interact with each other more, also thankyou for welcoming me here in hive😊

Welcome to Hive, @dark.rose! 🧡🧡


Welcome in Hive! I hope you will use the platform to learn and share your experience. To more blogs.🥂


Wow! Quite interesting to read. Go girl!!

Welcome to Hive ◉⁠‿⁠◉ @dark.rose!!! Hive is such a great place where unique voice and perspective will be valued. Keep being your self, keep sharing your stories, we're here to support each other on this hive community.(⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)

Thankyou, looking forward to your upcoming blogs.

Welcome to Hive @dark.rose 🙂❤️Thank you for sharing about yourself❤️This platform really helps improve your skills in writing and I'm sure you will enjoy sharing and engaging positive people here🙂Congratulations❤️❤️❤️

Thank you❤❤

This is beautiful. I love how you crafted your introductory post and talked about yourself. Definitely you will learn and catch up with lots of things here. I wish you a hearty happy birthday in advance dear. You are welcome to Hive.

Omg, thank you for wishing me a happy birthday.
Also thank you for your kind welcome.

Thanks for opening up and sharing these chapters of your life with us.

My pleasure, and thankyou for reading.

Welcome po sa Hive.
Ako po ay taga Batangas❤️
You have been upvoted! 🤑

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Thankyou, I will visit your platforms.

Hello, @dark.rose! Welcome to the hive community. Thank you for your self-introductory post and we're looking forward to more of your enthusiastic blogs again. Let's keep hustling here :)

Thankyou so much❤

Welcome on Hive! I see that you have a lot of hobbies and interest. You fit into Hive for sure!

Anyway, the names of your brother and sisters...sino nagpangalan? Hahaha they are surely Wattpad readers.

Maxrill and Maxpein the best!

Ofcourse it's me who named them hahaha, anyways thankyou.

Welcome here...it's good to see more students being onboarded here.. Hiveph community is indeed getting bigger and bigger..
I'll see you around...☺️

Indeed, the hive community is spreading, but thanks to that, I'm here in the hive.

Bienvenida a Hive, espero saber mucho mas de ti. Dios te bendiga.

Gracias, esperando conocerte más.