How My Family Celebrates Valentine's Day

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Every February 14, we celebrate Valentine's Day and it is one of the most significant days of the year. The name Valentines is in respect of a person named Saint Valentine who was put in prison for he was accused of crime by Claudius for marrying even if he was a soldier. He married because he gave value to love. But he was caught, that's why he was put in jail. Before he was convicted he wrote a love message to the blind girl whom he cured while he was in prison with a phrase from "Your Valentine". And now February 14 was declared Saint Valentine's Day or the Day of love, romance, friendship, affection, and admiration. Until now we celebrated this day February 14 as the the Day of Hearts or Love and everyone is very excited to celebrate this important day.

There are many ways how this day is celebrated. Others may send flowers, cakes, cards with messages, and even chocolate. My dear Hive friends, in this blog I would like to share how we celebrated Valentine's Day. In my case, I don't prefer flowers or cards or chocolate from my husband. I always remind him not to buy flowers for me on any occasion for it's a waste of money. Instead of buying flowers why not give me a 1-month budget for our family consumption? Maybe I'm just practical because in our family it was me who provided everything for our family. His net salary is just enough for the maintenance of his condition. The only bonus I have from him is being a responsible father to his children. Anyway, I know if he has enough cash in his pocket he will surrender everything to me. It was just this time because he had undergone 3 times eye operation, was hospitalized and now he has maintenance of which his income is just enough for him.

On Valentine's Day, I received flowers and chocolate from my students and SSG. I appreciated their generosity. Since it was our High School Day I was not with my family to celebrate instead I was in school for the High School Day Celebration. What I did was I gave my husband 2,000.00 and I told him to have dinner with our 3 children at Pinongs, their favorite restaurant since I am not around and I can cook for them. Even if I'm not around seeing them happy eating their favorite dish is more than a gift for me.






After eating, they took a pose with the restaurant's photo booth. It was only my hubby and my youngest who took a photo shoot at their booth since my two ladies don't like pictures. It's not their hobby to take pictures of themselves.








School Celebration

Me and my 3 kids were having a unique way of celebrating Valentine's Day in our respective schools. My youngest daughter who is in CRMC Elementary, was having the coronation of the king and queen of Valentines. Since she was not the winner she was not crowned as the queen but because she was a member of the music club together with the other members they offered a song to the king and queen a Valentine's.






In my school we have a late celebration, the SSLG had a fundraising activity by having various booths. They have a photo booth, marriage booth, souvenir booth, disco movie, and karaoke 🎤 booth. I took a photo at the photo booth and it was so nice having various props. The students enjoyed the celebration very much. Congratulations SSG for a job well done.








That's all today. Happy Valentine's!!


Your Valentine's Day looks fun and adorable 🥰

Thank you friend

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