The innocent smiles of the Children radiate Pure Happiness.

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A child with a smile is breathtakingly beautiful.
When I told these two kids that I will take a picture of them, they are overjoyed. I also take care of them because they are my friends' children and we live next door to each other. Since I'm also having a baby I'll be taking care of soon, I've grown accustomed to liking, understanding, and loving children since becoming pregnant.To be honest, I've never been a child-lover.

I went outside around five in the afternoon to get some fresh air and do my walking workout. However, these kids pique my interest, and when I realized what they're doing, I was genuinely happy.


When I saw these kids working together to get some shells for free food on the sand, I was happy. When I look at them, I feel like I'm the same age as them. I did enjoy doing this every day when I was their age, and my grandmother is always happy to me previously because she stated that I worked hard just to have a free food.

I was moved by these children's words when I inquired about why they are looking for shell. They said that it could provide them with a meal. These children exhibit a purity that melts my heart. They did it with joy, laughing and talking to each other as we adults typically do with friends.

I have no idea why I feel this joy. I guess I just miss being a kid, having no worries and being free, or it could be that I feel affection for them because I'm pregnant. Unfortunately, I am unable to assist them in their search for the shell because my tommy is growing larger and I cannot get myself into that position.

They refer to me as ate, and I truly value their respect for me. It's nice to be called "Ate," and I've always wanted a child who would always call me "ate." When they tell me about their experience looking for a shell, they are very proud, and I just laugh because their reaction is so cute. You know, when they found a large shell and realized it was dead, they get angry and murmur, and I can't stop laughing because, at their ages, they already know how to respond to the situation, how to react when they're mad or disappointed.


The shell that resulted from their labor is shown here. Since they found so many, I was honestly taken aback by their expertise in this area. Cebu was where the mother of the two children in the first picture was employed. After taking a picture, I did send it to her, and her response saddens me because I know she really missed her children. She loved them both, and I know she misses them. When she saw the picture, she thanked me and was proud that her children were looking for a shell to eat.

"Happiness and enjoyment" is exactly what every child needs. I want you to consider Whitney Houston's The Greatest Love of All, one of my favorite songs. That song really conveys how a child must develop over time and how they require guidance and support. All children ought to be content, their smiles are sincere. When you see a child smiling, believe me. He or she is content, and when you observe a child crying or sad, it is evident that they did not receive what they desired.

Allow all of us to help our youngsters' wear the smile they really merit. Our future is in the hand of our youngsters, so we guardians and grown-ups must be their direction and backing for accomplishing a superior life.


Children always have something to teach us, and communicating with them always brings us a lot - clarifying perceptions, sifting out what is important... Because yes, children are honest and we often miss that in life as adults, where you can never be absolutely sure of the intentions of the person next to you.
I'm curious about something I couldn't understand from your post, @faithamore - what does it mean this "ate"? 😊

Ate means a sister and a respect. Yes that's why i really admire children's because of their honesty and purity. I just hope that as they grow old, they will always have these attitude

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My gosh, I like those shells since I used to get some too when I was young. Whenever I went to my grandma's house, near in the shore, then I would always pick up lots of shell to weave. Lol. !PIZZA

Ahhhh you missed a lot from your memories too? Masarap siya no? I really like to cook this with sabaw talaga kasi malasa and one of my favorites

A child with a smile is breathtakingly beautiful.

Always. I just had a photo with my pamangkins yesterday while they were all screaming Cheeesssssssseeee! The result? we all looked beautiful. 😊


That was lovely. I can imagine how your smiles went so sweet yesterday

nice post, I don't understand why when we grow up we lose a lot of that joy we have as children

Yeah that's reality, so children must wear smile before they grow


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Kids are adorable, their smiles and waves of laughter can bring back memories of childhood days.

Wow! those kids are hardworking as they are trying to find some food. I am happy that they enjoyed doing it and yes their smiles is precious.

Continue to be good on kids and other people sis @faithamore because surely it will reflect in your baby's attitude because teaching them good manners will start while they are still in the womb.