Mission: Catching the Sunrise at Anaya Beach Resort, Santa Fe, Bantayan Cebu Philippines.

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Hi Hivers! Good day. I hope you’re in good shape while reading my blog. It’s me, your ordinary girl is back wanting to share my experience while waiting for the sunrise in one of the beach resorts we stayed at after exploring the three municipalities of Bantayan Island.
In my previous blog, I told everyone about choosing Anaya Beach Resort for our overnight stay. You can revisit the blog about Anaya Beach Resort on my wall.

If there is one thing I did not achieve in my 29 years of existence in this world it would be witnessing a beautiful sunrise. For me, watching a sunrise is hard. I’m not a morning person. As much as I wanted to witness it, my body clock would not cooperate. We had a so-called body clock where you would wake up without an alarm clock. The body has a built-in alarm clock where it awakes at the usual time. My body clock would always be 10:00 a.m. if I didn’t have a schedule for that day.

As we stay in the beach resort, it will be a great opportunity for me to witness the beautiful sunrise. I’m looking forward to watching the sunrise and good morning to me. The Anaya Beach Resort is located in the east direction where the sun rises. I told my husband to wake me up early in the morning to catch the sunrise.

When the morning came, we went to the front of the beach waiting for the sunrise. I’m so excited to witness the round of the sun saying “good morning” to me, just like it shows in the movies I watched or short video clips of the sunrise. We waited patiently and hoped that the weather would cooperate with us. Since when we woke up, the weather is not fine. It seems that there will be no sunrise. I did not lose hope despite the morning weather. But as you can see in the photos, the weather did not cooperate with my plan. The clouds were blocking the beautiful sun and I failed to see once again the beautiful sunrise.

Even though the mission failed, I did not let my emotions ruin my morning. Since FAIL stands for “First Attempt in Learning” and also as the saying says, “IT WILL ALWAYS BE 10% ACTION AND 90% REACTION." It means it is in your hands if you want that 10% to affect the one day given to you.
To avoid spoiling our day, my spouse and I managed to photograph the stunning morning panorama at Anaya Beach Resort, and the outcome was still lovely.




There will always be a next time to witness a beautiful sunrise.
Thank you for taking the time to read the blog of an ordinary girl. If you want to see beautiful scenery, and places, do not forget to follow, and continue supporting me.
This is me signing off. See you on my next blog hivers.


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Wow, two badges in a row, that's awesome @fixyetbroken! 🎉

Thank you for appreciating my work. @hivebuzz How nice of you. ☺️

Wow!I am also a lover of sunrise I mean who wouldn't right? Sunrise is too beautiful to not love it.Im glad that you guys still captures a beautiful scenery.

Yeah.. but I'm hoping to see the round sun greeting me "good morning" 🤣🤣. @melcakes

I love the sunset there😭 and the clouds😭 it's giving "✨🤍".

It’s always the weather that ruins our plans, but the photo you took still looks great.🧡

Yes it is. It seems you cannot predict what tomorrow comes. @reshychannn

Yes don’t feel sad . There always will another day for putting on hope.

It is. Another day, another hope. ☺️ @inshalicious

There's always a next time, soon you will be able to catch a glimpse of it. I love sunrise too but sometimes the weather just won't cooperate HAHAHA ✨🤗

Yeah. Thank you for dropping by. I feel you already. @leetalks

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I love the color of the sky Ma'am @fixyetbroken so beautiful and the ocean is so calm.

Thank you for appreciating the photos ma'am @diamondinthesky .