The Hive community is in mourning. Farewell @erikasue!

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It is with great sadness that we learned that one of our beloved Hive community members @erikasue left unexpectedly.

Although she only joined Hive a few months ago, she has quickly become very active in our community, especially the Filipino community. You can read their poignant testimony in this post by @hipeph.

Her sister @pinkchic is also a member of the Hive community. We extend our sincere condolences to her and her family.

In memoriam

As already done before for our missing friends @wolfhart and @lizziesworld who left the Hive community a few years ago, I (@arcange) mobilized the Hivebuzz team to create a very personal HiveBuzz badge in memory of @erikasue.

It is an honor for me to be able to pay tribute to those who are dear to us and to be able to strengthen this spirit of community that unites us all. We've updated her Hivebuzz board with a custom level badge that will stay as is forever:

This is our small contribution to @erikasue, @pinkchic and their family. I hope they will appreciate this initiative and will find some comfort in going through these hard times.

As any information stored in the Hive blockchain, @erikasue will stay in our minds and in our hearts... forever!

Farewell Erika! Enjoy singing with the angels.

PS: This post rewards will be given to her family members (@pinkchic) to help with the funeral costs.

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Mis más sinceras y sentidas palabras de condolencia para toda su familia y para nuestro amigo @pinkchic

Thank you very much dear friend @ferbu for remembering my dearest sister Febe Erika 😭💔

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Even though I didn't knew her... I want to send the condolences to her family and friends. She looks quite young, what a tragic situation.

Thank you so much @hivebuzz for giving @erikasue a tribute.

Fly high our dear Filipino Hiver @erikasue! 🕊️🕊️

Condolences to the family and loved ones


May her soul rest in peace

My condolences to the deceased family.

Sorry to hear about the death of a fellow hive author.

I am sorry to hear that.

It is really sad that one of us has left this world.

This is very touching... thank you for creating a badge for her, too!


 last year  

Thank you @hivebuzz! @erikasue will be forever remembered. She was really a very sweet girl.
@pinkchic we're always here for you and for your family esp in these tough times.

Thank you so much dear friend @wittyzell 😭🙏 I so appreciate your time as always and thanks a lot for loving my dearest sister Febe Erika❤️

My condolences to her family. May her deceased soul lives among the angles out there. Ameen.

My condolences to her family. Thank you @hivebuzz for this tribute, she'll be forever remembered in our heart. May the soul Rest in peace.

May her you'll rest in peace...

So sad🥲,may her soul rest in perfect peace.

What a soul dead jas snatched away. I kept seeing her last post on my feed 😭 several times for two days. Now I know why. Oh no! A talent is lost, I heard a car hit her down where she was standing. Only God knows why this happened. My sincere condolence to her family and love ones. Thank you @hivebuzz for your great job you're really adding so much value in here.

This is really sad and painful. May her soul rest in perfect peace

May her Gentle soul rest in peace and may God give her family the comfort to bear the loss.🙏

It feel very sad hearing her departure.May her soul rest in peace.

Thanks @arcange and the @hivebuzz team for this beautiful gesture. RIP @erikasue. You have touched our lives positively and will always be cherished and remembered. Condolences to @pinkchic and family.

May her soul rest in peace.

Thanks hivebuzz for creating a badge in her honour. You are a darling.

@pinkchic, please, accept our condolences.

Thank you very much dear friend @iskafan 😭😭🙏 This is really so painful and traumatic. Hope I will be healed in time.

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Never forgotten 😞

I pray God grant the family the strength to bear such loss 💖

Oh yes, a great deed with the permanent badge @hivebuzz
Our hearts are with the family during this sad time and may she rest in peace!

Es triste la partida. Que su alma vaya libre y en paz. Bonito tributo a @erikasue

Rest in peace dear @erikasue I will never forget our conversations… you will be missed.
Thank you so much @arcange and @hivebuzz team for this.

 last year  

Thank you so much @hivebuzz and @arcange for the tribute to @erikasue.❤️

Thank you for doing this @arcange and @hivebuzz and until we meet again @erikasue it really was my honour and privilege getting to know you on hive, and my thoughts and condolences Pink to you and your family @pinkchic in this unfortunate time.

Thank you so much @arcange and @hivebuzz. This means a lot 😭🙏 Thanks a lot for loving my dearest sister.

Thanks much @tengolotodo 😭

My condolences to the family members and I pray that God gives them strength.

RIP dear 'sister' and the Hive Community will miss you. 😢

We will miss you, and you will never be forgotten. @erikasue

Your last comment on my post was just a month ago, and knowing you're no longer here saddens me even if we didn't know each other well.

Your memories will live on for us to see.

geeeeez :(

May she rest in peace. Lit a candle for her. 🕯

It's very sad to hear this anytime, everywhere and her cause of death makes it more painful. Condolences @pinkchic and the rest of the family.

Thank you so much jen. This is really a very painful and traumatic experience 😭 Thanks a lot for loving my dearest sister erika.

Hopefully all his good deeds are accepted and all sins are erased, for @hivebuzz I like your inspiration hopefully hive can be more advanced thanks to your inspiration.

Rest in Peace, our dear Filipino Hiver. I may not know you but I heard a lot about you and how good you are to other community members.

Oh my... deepest condolences to the bereaved family... Soar high and sing sweetly with the angels, Erikah ❤ May you rest in peace...

May her soul rest in peace

I did not know her but I send my warmest regards to her family. I hope she rests now, up above, in the bossom of angels. Farewell Erika!

My condolences to her family. I hope she rests now, up above, in the bossom of angels. Farewell Erika!

@hivebuzz thank you for doing this. I'm sure her family would be appreciative.

This is truly sad to hear 😢. May her soul rest in perfect peace, my condolences to her family.

I must commend you @hivebuzz for this great initiative, it'll certainly go a long way.

That is heartbreaking...😭

RIP to one of our newest and brightest 😢

My prayers are with the family, may they find comfort in this tragic time.

@hivebuzz lamento mucho la perdida de una compañera de nuestra comunidad!Fuerza a todos sus familiares!☘️

Sad news, my condolences to the family

I accompany you in your pain I am very sorry for your loss I ask God for much strength for your family @pinkchic

Thank you so much @yraimadiaz . What a traumatic experience. But I am entrusting everything to God.

Thank you so much @hivebuzz and dear friends 😭🙏 I truly appreciate your love and care for my dearest sister Febe Erika ❤️

What happened? 😭😭😭😭
I will truly miss her angelic voice

Thank you for remembering my sister dear friend @explorewithsasha 😭❤️

You're welcome, she is truly amazing and till now I still can't believe she's gone.

Aww, may God rest her soul!

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