Hive PH Power Up Day Winners

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Good evening Hive PH! We are so happy to announce this month's Hive PH Power Up day. Please note that this is the official result of the Hive PH Power Up day. Everybody who joined and used the appropriate tags may still qualify on the global Hive PUD by @traciyork and @streetstyle.

We had a total of 7 participants for the Hive PH Power Up Day. Thank you very much for joining in on the fun. We are hoping that through this activity, you all found an appreciation for increasing your Hive Power.

Below is the ranking of the participants based on the percentage of HP gained:

RankUsernameBeforeAfter% Increased


1st prize winner


500 HP delegation for 3 weeks from @ybanezkim26
100 HP delegation for 3 weeks from @romeskie

2nd prize winner


500 HP delegation for 3 weeks from @themanualbot

3rd prize winner


200 HP delegation for 3 weeks from @markjason
100 HP delegation for 3 weeks from @romeskie

Congratulations to our winners. And to everyone that participated, thank you very much, and congratulations on your increased HP. We hope to see your entries again next month!

*The first two in the rank were chosen as the top two winners because they were the only ones who completed the qualifications (using the #hivephpud tag on their post)


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Congratulations to the winners . Keep it up!

Congrats! To the winners...

Congratulations to all the winners. Keep on powering up your HIVE. All the best to everyone! :)

For some reason, I wasn't notified about this mention. I was shocked when I saw I had 600 HP delegation on my wallet. Thank you so much for this!
I personally thank @ybanezkim26 for being such a good mentor and @romeskie for being so supportive.

Congrats to the other winners as well. Woot!

You're most welcome GB! Enjoy your delegation. And see you on the next #hivephpud and #hivepud