May Blogging Contest

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Happy May! May something ba sayo this month? 😉

We still have a hangover on the meetup, hence it's kinda late to announce this month's blogging contest.

We will make a post about the meetup soon! It's a promise.


May Blogging Contest

Because it's National Heritage Month and it's so hot in the Philippines, we have a series of questions related to it that you can pick and answer. No need to answer all of them, just one question is enough!

1. If you could switch lives with anyone from Hive, who would it be and why?

Not just in HivePH community but in Hive as a whole~ Wag mo ko piliin ha!

2. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be and why?

Ano kaya ang dadalhin nyo~ Yung magkakasya naman sa bag

3. What's your favorite Filipino word or phrase, and what does it mean?

And why do you like that word or phrase? Wag naman sana all


Contest Rules

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Use the tag/s provided below.
  2. 300-word count minimum.
  3. No plagiarism.
  4. Content must be in Filipino and/or English.
  5. Share your entry as a comment in this post.
  6. You don't need to be a Filipino to join this contest. Everybody is welcome to join!

Topic tag: #MayTanongKami

Deadline of this contest is on May 24 EOD PH time.


1st place: 5 HIVE
2nd place: 3 HIVE
3rd place: 2 HIVE

We want to know what you think! So don't forget to submit your entries soon!

Ayown lang. Ingat! 😉


Huli man daw at mediocre, naihahabol pa din. Pasali po 😅

Finally able to write something! Thank you for the prompt and here is my entry.

Does hiveph have a community in hive? I'm sorry I don't know if I'm just stupid.

Here's my last minute entry

 9 months ago  

Here's the Ecency link for the Hive PH community!

Hello ito po entry ko, sorry ngayon lng ulit nakapost, focus masyado sa thesis.😅

  1. "edi wow" pang-asar lang haha
 9 months ago  

HAHAHAHAHAHA grabeeee naman

yung sagot ng mga not so bright, pero ayaw mag patalo, "Edi wow" hahaha

For sure si ate @cindee08 tatlong souvenirs from meetup ang dadalhin HAHAHA

 9 months ago  

BWAHAHAHA trashtalk oh @cindee08

 9 months ago  

madami na sya natutunan sakin😏🤣🤣🤣

 9 months ago  

Ay grabe one week ko bago makita tong comment mo hahahha natabunan na sorry hahaha

Late kana sa showbiz happenings ate cindee hahaha

I'm not a Filipino so I can't answer your third question 😸 but I'll try to give my entry if it's possible for me

Go for it! We'll be looking forward to your entry~

hi i am new here . hope someone can welcome me in a group, i am also based in the Philippines (Cebu). I I am interested to join the contest :)

 9 months ago  

hello! welcome! you can definitely join~
anybody is welcome~

Yun sana isasagot ko.. "sana all" 🤣🤣..

 9 months ago  

HAHAHAHA grabeeee oh

Parang yan na ata common now na expression haha. May bago ba? Outdated ako sa ganap sa pinas lol

 9 months ago  

Hahahaa outdated na rin ako eh, same lang tayo~

Ana-ana is trending here now pero until now di ko pa Yan gets hahaha Ewan ano Yan.

Wow, this is so interesting.I hope I can join.

The deadline says March 24 or were you thinking May 24? 😅

Pasensya na po nag multi tasking kasi ung gumawa nito 😂
na fix na po namin~
Salamat po ulit~

Wow! May new contest Naman. Hopefully I can join on this.

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Feeling ko lahat ng gusto kong dalhin sa deserted island, mahaharang sa airport! 😂 Namiss ko na naman ung Swiss knife ko na naharang sa airport hahahuhu

 9 months ago  

Hahahaha! Sulat ka nlng at join~ bahala na maharang sa airport hahaha