The one when I got my Diploma🧑‍🎓

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August 12, 2022, the graduation day.

Due to quite large number of students, the graduation where organized into morning and afternoon session. My schedule was afternoon which I liked because I don't have to wake up early in the morning.

Night before the d-day, I make sure to set up and organized all things that I will use. I flat-iron my toga and dress, I clean my heels, I gathered important things on my bags, and I slept early (aka beauty rest haha). So in the morning I ate breakfast and took a bath because I have to be early on the beauty shop for my make-up and hair. I arrived there around 9:00 in the morning. Along with me were 4 students (2 are my friends) so I thought that it would be hard for the make-up artist. In my relief, there were two make-up artist which I will commend for the good service!💖 I actually loved how I looked that day. The make-up was matte and not sticky✨.


I thought that nothing could go wrong, well I was wrong. Supposedly, my family should be there at 11:00 because the event will start around 1:00. Considering traffic and parking slot, we should be early. Plus, I have to take some pictures before marching, right? Going back, my family arrived later than what I expected and so I am quite late. Not literally late to the event but when I arrived at the school, I had to quickly wear my toga because students are already in line. It was so hectic that I didn't able to take some pictures without wearing toga. I did had pictures before marching. Here are some;






When we got inside the gymnasium, we had to wait I think at least 2 hours because the guest speaker were late. I mean, we know that she's an important person but does she have to be late that long. Nonetheless, her 12 pages speech was heartwarming.


This was the moment where I got my diploma. It was sad because we actually didn't had the chance to stop on the middle of the stage and my picture was flashed on the screen fast.

The event end around 6:00 pm. That was the only chance I had to take some pictures. These were the pictures after the event.





It was a tiring but meaningful day. I will be forever grateful to God Almighty, to Batangas State University - The National Engineering University, to my professors, to my friends, and to my family💖.

Please do comments so I will know your insights. Thank you!



Hi! Thank you for stopping by☺️
I'm a Nature Lover🌱 | Photography Lover 📸 | Book Lover 📚 | Music Lover 🎶
Human Being🙋
I appreciate you💖


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Congrats sis @icarri and that's not the end because the next step or the next stage of your life will begin. God bless on your next journey.

Thank you siss☺️

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Congratulations for your moving up yieee, you guys lucky thou the last batch I think still not in the face to face graduation hehe. Your so gorgeous too in your attire added with your flying color. Yiee goodluck in your future endeavors as professional within your field.

We are indeed lucky. Thank you!💖

Congratulations @icarri welcome to the real world (^_^)

Thank you!💖

You're welcome (^_^)

Comgrats sis. You did it. All hard works are paid off. Soar high and I wish you more success to come.

Congratulations sis and good luck sa new journey

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