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Last monday, we have submitted our hardbind thesis paper on the library and subsequently submitted the certificate on the registrar so that we will be included on the list of graduating students💖.

We got the hardbind full manuscript of our thesis paper💖. I didn't know that the almost 300 pages full manuscript is this thick!😁 We were supposed to submit it early in the morning but the computer shop where the papers were binded was late, so we decided to submit it after lunch🙂.

When we arrived on the school, we took some photos in the front of our department building. The CEAFA (College of Engineering, Architecture, and Fine Arts) building to be exact. Well, we were so happy and taking pictures is very important! We've been working on this thesis paper for the last two semester. This is our blood, sweat, and tears😂. Kidding aside, we do spent a lot of efforts, sacrifice sleeps, and scheduled breakdowns (sometimes we don't have time to do that so we have to add it in our schedule 😂).







We have to wait for the Dean's signature and while waiting we thought of taking pictures inside the building😂. I mean, why not? We were just waiting and doing nothing. Luckily, we have another copy of softbind thesis. Here are the pictures.





Nothing is possible if not for my very understanding thesismates. This is kinda appreciation post😅. I am blessed that they are my groupmates. Less stress on cooperation part and plenty of patience with each other. Also, they know me very well!😁 They let me sleep earlier than them because they know that I am a morning person (not like them because they are night owls). They never complain about it☺️. Off course I woke up earlier than them and catch up on what they did that night.

Let me introduce them to all of you☺️.

This is Doreine, the chef and the photographer in the group. She always cook for us in our overnight. She is flexible and dependable as she can do whatever task and give help whenever you needed her.

She is Haizel, the communicator. Well, she is the one who communicate/talks with our panelist, adviser, and classmates whenever we have questions that needed an answer. She is also the one who manages our papers, put them in the right drive, and submit it on the right person. Lately, she did a LOT of work😅.

Last but not the least, Mera. She is the one who initiate the group to finish the task on the designated deadlines. Literally, she lead the group.

I just stated how remarkable they are but, their efforts and contributions to the group is not limited to it.

And this is me, the follower. I think, I am more of a follower than a leader. I prefer to be given a task because that way, I can contribute to my group.

That's it for todays blog. Please look forward to more grad-waiting post😂.

Please do comments so I will know your insights. Keep safe!😉💞

(All of the photos were captured using Redmi Note 9 and photo enhanced using Adobe Lightroom)



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Congratulations on completing your thesis!

Thank you!☺️💖

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300 pages?! Insane... But congratulations! Ang sipag niyo!

Haha kailangan😅. Thank you!💚


good job