✨Unisex Button Down Polo✨

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I don't know if I should post it here, but I'll post it anyway. We'll, the fabric that I bought arrived yesterday so I am very much open for your orders☺️.


I am from Mabini, Batangas. Actually, I am planning to open and upload products on shoppe. Maybe I'll add the link here later. I've been selling this Button Down Polo since last month inclusive to my friends, but now I decided to expand it and bought quite a lot of fabric since all of the feedbacks were really good.

The polo is made of Challis fabric💖.

Challis Fabric | Thick but soft cloth | Color Doesn't Fade

It is Pre-order. My grandmother will sew it upon your order. You can give me your exact size so the polo will fit you well😁. So for those who want to order, expect maximum of 1 week before it will be ship out. Well, depends if you want to rush the order. We can always talk about it.

Here are the sizes. These are just references for the prices. See the image below.



We can also talk about the mode of payment and delivery. Please don't hesitate to message me in either of my Facebook (Maricar Jusi) or Instagram (@jusi_icarri) account☺️.

Optional, we can add a pocket. Though you have to pay additional of 10 pesos.

Thank you so much!☺️

Hope you like it and have a blessed day!

Please do comments so I will know your insights. Keep safe!😉💞

(All of the photos were captured using Redmi Note 9 and edited using Canva)



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:) Musta! did u see that one Friends episode? Joey and Rachel.. unisex.