Your Ticket To My Visual Diary: Be with me as I turn my experiences into a HIVE ADVENTURE.

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✧. ┊getting to know jjesibiel


➻.This photo is a compilation of different images from my gallery and edited in Picsart.

❝An equal assumption of 'if not better, equally worse' If you're not as genuinely good as what I assume who you are, you're equally the opposite of it. Either you're the most heartwarming person, or the meanest❞

❝I thought of you as well-behaved, very disciplined, jolly, smart, super pretty (that's why you have a lot of admirer) very hardworking. I dunno if this is still a first
impression haha dunno how to really put everything into words or like how to list down haha❞

I would love to add a new perspective on how people see me without actually knowing it as they read my stories. But as much as I value first impressions,I would rather let you read my stories while having an idea of who I really am. Hi, I'm Jjesibiel, and allow me to introduce myself.


➻. This was captured at Lapyahan in San Remigio around 6:00 PM. At that time, you’ll witness the sun setting—such a view.

On July 4, 2004, I had my first cry and later on followed with my first laugh, heartbreak, accomplishment, and failures in the municipality of San Remigio—the longest shoreline of northern Cebu— a town not only home to over 65,000 peace-loving people but also to unspoiled beaches. Which totally makes sense why, when my cousin's and I were little, we wanted to be mermaids—a typical ideal reality of a little girl—and it became our playtime. We often do some roleplays, and the idea of going for a family bonding on the beach ignites the fire in our hearts.

Let me state the not-so-obvious information. I'm 4'11 in height and 40 kg in weight. Funny, it's not even constant, I lose and gain weight too easily. It won't even last a month, probably a week. I'm currently in my freshman year, taking a Bachelor of Industrial Technology Major in Drafting Technology. This is not my top career choice, but it is somehow related to civil engineering and architecture, so I took the risk and submitted my application, and I got in. So far, I don't regret enrolling in this course, but let's see if this is really for me.


➻.We didn't had the chance to take a family picture so I just edited one in Snapseed. This photo was taken during my older sister's college graduation.

In a family of five, I am the middle child, and my biggest flex? I can't relate to those depictions on social media where middle children are labeled as the least favorite. I have two lovely sisters; we are called the Tres Marias since we are all girls. Our parents are the most hardworking people, and I would never bribe them for anything. They provide us with everything we need,
even though we are one of those families who lives with minimum wage. Juggling bills is not easy, especially when all the expenses are necessary, so having them as parents is a blessing that I am forever grateful for.

✧. ┊ things that i am interested in


➻.This photo is a compilation of different images from my gallery and edited in Picsart.

I'm a consistent honor student, and I really want to become a student leader, but due to the image I had in high school, wherein I was referred to as a shy type of student, it is really hard to make a drastic change. So, when it's time
for my college life, I decide to introduce another type of persona—the easy-going, approachable, and outgoing person that can lead.


➻. This was taken at Cebu Technological University Consolacion Extension Campus during the Sarok Festival.

The sounds of fireworks always give me the excitement to go outside to witness how those colorful lights called stars collide, dispersed in the night, so bright and vanish from sight.


➻. I made a bouquet flowers for my youngest sister who are going to had her senior high school graduation with high honors. I'm about to make for my older sister who graduated last may 28, 2024 as cum laude but I lacked of time. Neither less I couldn't be prouder of their achievements.

"You could have just bought a bouquet of flowers; it saves you time." But I'm really into making DIY gifts because they show more effort and symbolize true love, as you put value into them. It also allows me to showcase my creative skills and test my patience, as trial and error are often part of the process. The best part of making things on your own is seeing the priceless reactions of people and how your efforts exceed your expectations.


➻. This was taken at the Garden of Archdiocesan Museum of Cebu.

I have an obsession with my hair. Growing up, I never really experienced having long hair; it was always shoulder length. Why? Well, I have thin hair, and it never looked that good. So, when the pandemic happened, I didn't cut my hair because I really wanted it long, and it made me feel confident. When face-to-face classes resumed, my senior high school classmates often asked what brand of shampoo I used, if I had a hair care routine, or if I treated my hair in salons. But no, I just use ordinary, cheap shampoos. My hair is currently my ideal length of the hair. However, with the high heat index we are currently experiencing, I'm frustrated about whether to cut it or keep it long.


➻.I have a Pinterest board made solely for my hair; I always check it whenever I need to style my hair. Fun fact: having a different hairstyle each day helps me vividly recall what happened on that specific date.

Speaking of hair, I'm also into styling it. I recall that before I entered higher education, I used to style my high school classmates' hair, as well as my sisters' and relatives', especially for events.


➻.These are some of the pictures I took whenever I saw kittens and this is edited in Picsart.

Cats are boring” so as I thought, until that one summer, I stayed at my grandparents’ house for weeks and fell in love with their new born cats and decided to adopt one so I asked for permission at first my parents and sisters are against with the idea but later on they love our cat’s company, I named him keshi—keshi as in the American singer and songwriter. Since then, I have a soft spot for cats wherever I go I take photographs of random kitties I saw especially in the campus we have a large community of cats and they are friendly.

✧. ┊ how did i got here?


➻. Always love the view I’ve been admiring since I discovered this spot, it somehow calms me to witness how people come and go.

I often find myself at a café near my university, Cebu Technological University, one of the top state universities in Cebu City. As usual, I’m sipping my comfort drink, 38coffee, while stressing over my school projects. As a college student with many things to figure out, I need someone to vent to, but it seems people around me are trying to survive their own battles. Who am I to them to spend their spare time?


➻. I don’t own the photo; it rightfully belongs to the owner. I got it from Pinterest [] as a background and edited it in PicsArt to add my documentation from the last webinar.

A big thanks to these ladies for bringing me to hive. When my sister @mariejeijeim introduced me to Hive, I never had any doubts about joining. Later on, I met @jeannmazing, who conducted the HIVE PH Onboarding Webinar about how the system works. It took a while before I started writing my introduction, as I was preoccupied with compiling my requirements for the end of the second semester. Today, I officially mark this day as the start of my Hive journey. With you, my future readers and co-writers, I know these kept feelings and unsaid thoughts will be set free.

Follow my Hive journey because I am ready to spill my feelings and adventures in this city that is still unknown to me. Stay tuned!

xoxo, jjesibiel!


Welcome to hive ate ebssss, glad you have finally join us ❤️

Thank you ate 💗💗💗💗✨!

Welcome to Hive, dear @jjesibiel! I just want to say that you really look like exactly just a younger version of your sister, and I love your name. ✨ Congratulations for stepping here. I know you have a lot to share, discover, and learn here in Hive. Just take your time exploring different communities and don't forget to engage with other users. Don't be shy to ask or reach us out if you have something in mind. Welcome again, dear! 🫶❤️ I'm excited to read your future blogs!

Thank you so much ate for welcoming me and helping me to start my hive journey 💗💗💗💗!

Welcome to hive!!! I look forward to your future blogs. Have fun😊

Thank you so much @phoennix09 looking forward to your blogs as well 💗🌷

Welcome to Hive @jjesibiel. I am looking forward to read your future write-ups. I hope you will find time to engage other bloggers and explore the different communities. Enjoy your Hive journey. God bless.

Thank you for the kind welcome @cup-bearer ! I'm eager to share my posts and connect with other bloggers. Excited to explore the various communities here. I'm already enjoying my Hive journey. Blessings to you too!

Hi @jjesibiel , welcome to the Hive community!🤍 I hope you have a great time blogging, and we really looking forward to reading more of your blogs. Keep working towards your goals with positivity and prayers. Wishing you God's blessings always!🤍😊

Hi @khay.yryn thank you so much for the warm welcome, looking for forward for your blogs and our interactions soon! 💗🌷!

Welcome to the community. 😊 Enjoy and engage while staying here.😊

Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm excited to engage with the community and make the most of my time here. 💗

Same here. I'm looking forward to your beautiful content here in the platform. 😊😊

It is a good thing you finally decided to join us here at Hive and it is o e of the best decisions you have made indeed! Welcome to Hive and it is good to have another talented individual here with us onboard. Read your blog a and learned some interesting things about you and I know you will have a lot of stories to tell and a lot of blogs to write. Welcome to Hive and See you around!!!☺︎♡✿

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I'm thrilled to be a part of Hive and appreciate your kind words. It's great to know that you found my blog interesting, and I'm excited to share more stories and blogs with the community. Looking forward to connecting and contributing. See you around!💗🌷

Welcome to Hive, @jjesibiel! You will surely enjoy your time here. Looking forward to your next blogs🫶

Hii thank you for the warm welcome and hopefully i will. Looking forward to your blogs as well! 💗

Welcome to Hive. New world to discover and share 😊 see you around @jjesibiel

Thank you for the welcome! I'm excited to explore and share in this new world with all of you. 💗

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Hello, Welcome to Hive! Sana'y mag enjoy ka rin here while exploring the site. I'm sure you'll learn more about Hive if you do so. ✨

welcome aboard @jjesibiel, Have fun and enjoy this new world of the internet. see you around

Welcome to hive dear. A lot of opportunities awaits for you! Explore the different communities around. See you!

Welcome to hive ate @jjesibiel ! I hope you have fun here in the community. See you around!

Welcome to Hive Community Ma'am @jjesibiel You will surely enjoy the platform. I am excited to read your blogs

Welcome @jjesibiel , may you enjoy your writing and reading experiences here in hive community☺️

Hi, Jjesibiel! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the hive family. We are thrilled to see more from you! :)