Thoughts about HPUD and why I think it's important to power up even a small amount

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Life outside the blockchain...

It was a slow month for my online activities. I've been busy with the doggos and my offline gigs that I have only managed to upload a couple of blog posts, which were done in haste. But, I'm still very happy with it because the goal for me was to continue to learn how sound recording and video creation works using only my phone, canva and minimal editing. I did install a video editing app from the Play Store so that's something I've managed to do while I'm traveling or just chilling in some obscure corner in a coffee shop that I recently discovered.

How much did I power up?

Going back to this post, I'm powering up the minimum of 10 from my liquid Hive to add to my HP. Hive Power, for those of you who do not know, is staked Hive and it has a 13 week power down time frame. This basically means that the number of HP that one wants to power down or withdraw, will be divided by 13 and credited to the liquid Hive account on a weekly basis. This is one of the things that distinguish Hive from other cryptocurrency tokens and coins. It's a bummer if you need to convert it to fiat for some emergency, but for me, it's a good thing. It takes away that element of surprise that hacks usually utilize, so unless the account owners do not check their account for three (3) months, they will still have time to do damage control in case of a security breach, which is less likely to happen to users here on the Hive blockchain.

Merry Christmas

It's already December. The last month of the year. I wanted to add on to my Hive Power, even if just a small amount to get the momentum going again. At the very least, I will try to continue with my power ups next month after powering down thinking that I will convert to fiat and use in my offline activities.

Awareness of the importance of HPUD

Lastly, the importance of powering up Hive extends beyond the amount of liquid Hive we power up. As a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain, the growth of Hive is directly related to the Hive staked; where the generation and distribution of tokens is directly related to the amount of HP. This alone makes it extremely important. As Hiveans, we must all be aware of this fact.

And, that's it for now. Happy Holidays!!!

Love and peace! 😎


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