Graduation Ball: A Night of Glitz

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Where light sparkles and music resonates, there found people dancing to the beat in their best dresses and suits and enjoying the moment.

The whole gym is filled with colors so grand,
Gleaming lights and flowers, hand in hand,
The music from the band fills the air so sweet,
Making us more energized, as we move to the beat.

June 14, 2023

This day was indeed momentous. Not only because it was the day of our Graduation Ball, but also because it was the very first time, after how many tiring months, to really enjoy and forget about everything even for just a short while.

From slow and sweet songs to upbeat music, it really felt nice to spend time dancing at the center. The love birds made the crowd cheers as they dance sweetly with their special someone. On the other hand, the others went wild and jump for joy as they sing along with the band.

This highly anticipated event by graduating students is not just a simple one that is meant to be enjoyed, it is also a perfect, excellent, and remarkable moment of culmination of years of hard work, dedication, as well as personal growth.

Truly, it was a night filled with various feelings and emotions— a dose of excitement, nostalgia, and some sort of bittersweet farewells, but of course, with hopes of seeing each other again sometime soon even after graduation.

If you were to ask whether I enjoyed it or not, my smile says it all. After all those things that had happened, who wouldn't? Maybe, some killjoys, but anyways, I am just kidding.

So what's the best gift you could ever gift to someone who is graduating? Some words of appreciation for all the years of hard work and determination? That would be nice!

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